Stockholding and feedlots: implementation guidance on Essential Freshwater policies and regulations

Guidance for councils, farmers and farm advisors on stockholding and feedlots.

What farmers need to know and do: stockholding and feedlots

What’s happening

From 2020 regulations apply to:

  • pasture, arable and mixed farms of 20ha or more
  • horticultural farms of 5ha or more.

The regulations cover stockholding (feed pads and winter pads) and feedlots which pose a risk to freshwater due to not being adequately designed, managed or sited. They do not cover stockyards, milking sheds, wintering barns or sacrifice paddocks.

Why it's needed

If stockholding and feedlot areas are not well designed, managed or sited, effluent can contaminate waterways.

What you may need to do

If you are doing stockholding or feedlot activities find out how the regulations affect your operation by reading the Stockholding and feedlots factsheet

For more on environmental matters that affect farming communities see the Rural hub

Policies and regulations: stockholding and feedlots

The following policies and regulations have provisions which apply to stockholding and feedlots:

Factsheets: stockholding and feedlots

Reports and guidance: stock holding and feedlots