Stock exclusion: implementation guidance on Essential Freshwater policies and regulations

Guidance for councils, farmers and farm advisors on stock exclusion.

What farmers need to know and do: stock exclusion

What's happening

  • From 1 July 2023 changes to stock exclusion regulations come into effect. The changes mean beef cattle and deer must be excluded from low-slope land. 
  • From 1 July 2025 stock exclusion regulations apply for dairy support cattle; all stock must be excluded from wetlands on low-slope land.

Why it's needed

To reduce effluent runoff into waterways.

What you may need to do

To find out if the regulations apply to you read the stock exclusion factsheet.

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For more on farm management for healthy waterways, including stock exclusion see MPI

Policies and regulations: stock exclusion

The following policies and regulations have provisions which apply to stock exclusion.

Factsheet: stock exclusion

Reports and guidance: stock exclusion

Webinar: farm plans and stock exclusion

The webinar provides an overview of freshwater farm plans and stock exclusion.