Funding for councils for kerbside organic waste collection services

If you are a council, you can apply for funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund for the development or implementation of a kerbside organic waste collection service. You can also apply for funding for organic waste processing facilities and resource recovery infrastructure. 

Funding for kerbside organic waste collection services

There are two funding packages available. One for councils at the pre-implementation phase and one for councils at the implementation phase. These are one-off funding packages and are available over the next two years. 

Kerbside organics pre-implementation funding package

This funding is for councils at the earlier stages of kerbside organics rollout.

It supports activities such as:

  • planning, collection and processing options assessment
  • development of a business case.

For these pre-implementation activities we will fund:

  • up to 50 per cent of project costs for an application from a single council
  • up to 75 per cent of project costs where there is coordination and collaboration between multiple councils.

Our funding will be assessed on the basis of reasonable costs.

We welcome applications from councils for:

  • collaborating with industry or community sector partners
  • public/private partnerships such as commercial joint ventures.

For commercial joint venture projects, we will fund up to 50 per cent of the total proposed costs.

Co-funding requirements for collaborations involving the community and/or charitable sector will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Kerbside organics implementation funding package

This funding is for councils that are ready to rollout kerbside organics services.

It includes funding for:

  • the purchase of food and/or food and green waste bins (set amount per property). Note: multiple types of bins can be purchased as needed.
Bin type Funding available per property  
7L Kitchen Caddy Up to $5 
23L Food-only Bin  Up to $15
80L   Bin Up to $40 
120L Bin  Up to $45 
140L Bin Up to $50 
240L Bin   Up to $55
  • the design, and distribution costs for communications and promotional marketing/education materials and related collateral — up to $5 per property or up to $7.50 per property where there are multiple councils jointly rolling out services
  • coordination and project management costs for rollout (not ongoing costs) — up to $50k for one year.


Funding for organic waste processing facilities and resource recovery infrastructure

Funding is available for organic waste processing facilities and resource recovery infrastructure.

This includes:

  • construction and demolition waste sorting facilities
  • transfer station upgrades to enable greater resource recovery.

Normal Waste Minimisation Fund criteria will apply.

Applications from multiple councils looking at shared services are encouraged and will be assessed favourably.  We will consider the level of co-investment required on a case-by-case basis.

Webinars on the council packages

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See the What is being funded section on the Waste Minimisation Fund webpage.

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