Te Pūtea Whakamauru Para Waste Minimisation Fund

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Te Pūtea Whakamauru Para - the Waste Minimisation Fund supports projects that increase the reuse, recovery and recycling of materials. This helps reduce waste to landfill, one-off use of materials and litter. The goal is to move from the linear take, make, dispose approach to a circular one focussing on make, use, return principles.

The fund invests in a wide-range of projects from multi-million-dollar infrastructure investments to smaller hapū/community-centred projects.

Amount funded

up to $3,000,000

Key dates

21 May 2021
Last day for expressions of interest. In June: Assessment of expressions of interest
20 July 2021
Mid July: Expressions of interest decisions
12 August 2021
Last day for applications. In August/September: Assessment of applications
21 October 2021
Mid/late October: Application decisions

Watch our information video: Find out all the key information about the fund and upcoming funding round

Te āhei ki te tono me te āhua o te whiriwhiri i ngā tono Eligibility and assessment

The strategic outcomes and investment signals for this year's round  

Strategic outcomes Investment signals
Reduce construction and demolition waste
  • Re-design construction and demolition materials, products and services to facilitate reduce/reuse of resources
  • Improve and enable public and private construction and demolition materials resource recovery services and infrastructure.
Achieve beneficial outcomes for organic waste
  • Improved tools to avoid food waste such as data & analysis and practical resources to inform effective behaviour change
  • Increase domestic capacity of existing food rescue organisations
  • Support primary and processing sectors in re-design of materials, products and services to minimise organic waste.

Projects typically focus on at least one of these areas

  • Research, development and innovation including feasibility studies
  • Development of waste minimisation infrastructure
  • Information, education and behaviour change 
  • Data and evaluation
  • Community activity.

We welcome expressions of interest (EOIs) from a wide range of organisations including:

  • businesses
  • iwi
  • hapū/community groups
  • local government
  • non-government organisations
  • industry bodies 
  • research organisations.

Requirements your expression of interest (EOI) must meet to be considered

  • Submitted by legal entity
  • Within the purpose and scope of the fund
  • Be either for a new initiative or a significant expansion in the scope or coverage of existing activities
  • Funding sought is not for ongoing financial support or running costs
  • Funding sought is above minimum grant sizes. See funding section below for details
  • Your proposed project is not longer than three years
  • Your proposed project is co-funded.

Key factors we will consider in assessing your EOI

  • Benefits, outcomes and strategic value
  • Effectiveness (eg, feasibility, value for money)
  • Extent to which investment signals are addressed
  • Ability to deliver (eg, resources, financial viability)
  • Clarity - objectives logically set out and simply worded
  • The extent to which proposals involve Māori, benefit Māori, and/or reflect kaupapa Māori.

If your EOI progresses to the application stage more detail will be required (eg, specific objectives, a budget and detailed project-plan). You will be advised about these if you are invited to submit a full application.

Full list of eligibility and assessment criteria [New Zealand Gazette website]

Te pūtea e wātea ana Funding available

The minimum grant for feasibility or scoping studies is $10,000 and for other projects $50,000. Funding requests over $3 million are unlikely to be considered.

If your application is successful you might be awarded a lower amount than you applied for.  

This will depend on: 

  • how much is available
  • whether your budget is realistic
  • how much you can contribute
  • other factors.

Your expected contribution

The amount you’re expected to contribute depends on the nature of your organisation. The ranges below are guidelines rather than strict criteria. Check with the WMF team if you’re unsure about how they apply to you.

Large- scale well-established organisations

You are expected to contribute at least 40 per cent. This must be either cash or other forms of direct financial support (eg, specialist skills invoiced to the project).

Small organisations such as community groups or hapū

You are expected to contribute 5–20 per cent. The fund will consider allowing this contribution to be 'in-kind' (eg, your time) rather than direct financial support.

I muri i te tuku i tō tono After submitting

21 May 2021

Last day for expressions of interest

In June: Assessment of expressions of interest

20 July 2021

Mid July: Expressions of interest decisions

12 August 2021

Last day for applications

August/September: Assessment of applications

21 October 2021

Mid/late October — Application decisions

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