Certificate holders - non-local body elected members

This page lists Making Good Decisions certificate holders who are non-local body elected members.

  • Certificates are valid for a 3 year period from the date of first issue. On re-issue (at 're-certification') they are valid for a period of five years.
  • The chairing endorsement column records those who, in attaining re-certification, have successfully demonstrated the competencies for chairing required by the Making Good Decisions programme.
  • If you need to have your information on this page updated email jo.westwood@wsp.com.
Certificate name Position Organisation or company Area of practice Field of expertise

expiry date

Chair Contact details
Aaron Leith Programme Leader Office of Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu     31 December 2022 No  
Adonica Giborees Planning and Resource Management Consultant   Queenstown, Auckland Planning, Resource Management, Resource Consents 31 December 2022 No

021 362 154


Adrian Meredith Expert Witness Canterbury Regional Council     30 June 2023 No  
Adrian Percival Environmental Team Leader Civix Ltd Nationwide Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land Development, Flooding, Stormwater, Green Infrastructure, 3 Waters Infrastructure, Onsite Wastewater, Earthworks, Streamworks, Discharge Consents, RMA Compliance & Designations 30 June 2024 No

027 297 2724


Aidan Prebble Barrister       31 December 2022 Yes  
Aimee Brown Planner Beca Ltd Nationwide, particularly lower North Island Planning 30 June 2025 No  
Aimee McGregor PMO (Project Management Office) Manager Rotorua Lakes Council Rotorua Lakes Area Water quality and a general breadth of perspective from education BE(Civil) BCom(Economics) and experience: private & public sector; strategy development, marketing, capital projects and planning policy. 31 December 2024 No

021 482 453


Alan Catchpole Principal Planner NZ Transport Agency Southern North Island Resource Management issues affecting infrastructure development and resulting effects on the environment 30 June 2024 No  
Alan Matheson Director AM Planning Limited Nationwide with recent focus on Queenstown Lakes, Canterbury, Nelson and Waikato Resource management policy analysis and strategic planning, regional policy statement/plans and district plan policy and plan development and review, plan changes/variations. 31 December 2024 No

021 440 354


Alan Pattle Technical Director Water and Geotechnics Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd Nationwide Natural resources engineering; water, waste and transport infrastructure; mining and quarrying; land development 30 June 2027 No

021 624 770


Alan Watson Independent Commissioner AR Watson Associates Limited Nationwide but emphasis on upper half of North Island Planning and resource management, chair of hearings panels 30 June 2023 Yes  
Alan Withy Independent Commissioner Alandale Associates Nationwide from bases in Bay of Plenty, Wairarapa and Queenstown. Commissioner and facilitator, fulfilling chair, panel and sole adjudication and mediation assignments. 31 December 2024 Yes

021 739 529


Alana Standish Resource Consents Team Leader Queenstown Lakes District Council Queenstown Resource Management Planning 31 December 2023 No  
Alasdair Gray Civil/Transportation Engineer Gray Matter Ltd Waikato Traffic engineering and transportation planning 30 June 2023 No  
Alastair Black Transportation Engineer Gray Matter Ltd Waikato Region Traffic engineering and transportation planning 31 December 2023 No  
Alastair Jamieson Biodiversity Principal Advisor Auckland Council Auckland and Northern New Zealand Indigenous ecosystems and biodiversity, Outstanding natural features 30 June 2023 No  
Alastair Jewell Principal Planner Tasman District Council     31 December 2026 Yes  
Alastair Picken Principal Planner Environment Canterbury Canterbury Environmental management (land and water), policy and plan drafting 31 December 2025 No  
Alec Neill Independent Commissioner Hyde Park Consultancy     31 December 2023 Yes  
Alex Gardner Environmental Planner Tauranga City Council     30 June 2024 No  
Alex Findlay Director Expanse Ltd – Development Planning Auckland Over 20 years in the development planning industry, working for a range of clients in the retail, development, institutional/community, and residential markets. She holds post-graduate qualifications in planning and business management. 31 December 2026 No

021 477 177


Alexander Erceg Senior Regulatory Advisor Environmental Protection Authority Nationwide Planning, Agriculture land use, discharges and water takes, nutrient management 30 June 2027 No

027 741 5042


Alexandra Davids Independent Commissioner   Christchurch   30 June 2026 No  
Alexandra King Team Leader Consents Otago Regional Council Otago Planning - freshwater managemetn and regional consenting 31 December 2027 No

 027 225 7248


Ali Timms Commissioner Independent All Regional - Unitary Councils, South Island Territorial Authorities Water and Land use Planning Hearings and consents involving activities that drive water quality improvements via behaviour change. Joint Regional and TA Consent Hearings, Strategic pan-Regional Plan Hearings. 31 December 2022 No  
Alice Balme Partner Wynn Williams Nationwide  Legal – resource management and local government including Reserves Act matters 31 December 2023 No  
Alison Cole Lawyer / PhD Candidate Govett Quilliam / Victoria University Wellington Taranaki / Wellington I whakapapa to South Taranaki iwi Ngāruahine and Ngāti Ruanui. Expertise in climate change. Resource management law, Community-based experience with Māori land law, the Marine and Coastal Act, the Exclusive Economic Zone Act, and the Crown Minerals Act. Researching and writing on legal developments in the courts recognition of tikanga, the RMA reforms, and the new offshore wind regulations. 30 June 2025 No

027 286 2762


Alison Feeney Independent Environmental Consultant Waihi consultants Nationwide Environmental Management, Resource Consents, Environmental Auditing, Stormwater management and Water Quality, and Discharges of wastewater/stormwater to land or water. 31 December 2022 No  

Alison Cooper

Consents Planning - Hearings

Canterbury Regional Council

Canterbury   30 June 2024 No  
Alison Peters Environmental Consultant Enviser Limited Christchurch Hydrogeology and contaminated land. Environmental policy and planning advice. 30 June 2024 No  
Alistair Aburn Independent Commissioner Urban Perspectives Limited     30 June 2024 Yes  
Alister Hartstone Director Set Consulting Limited Northland, Auckland, and Waikato Planning and resource management at national, regional, and district levels, including coastal activities, subdivision and land use activities, and plan change process. 31 December 2026 No

027 755 5607


Allan Cubitt Independent Commissioner Cubitt Consulting Limited     31 December 2026 Yes  
Amanda de Jong Director Brighta Consulting Limited Nationwide, based in Auckland Planning, resource management, environmental compliance 31 December 2025 No

021 269 3259


Amanda Dewar Barrister   South Island/ Wellington – based in Christchurch  I have been practicing environmental law for over 30 years and have also worked in a planning capacity for a Council and a planning consultancy. I have particular expertise in large scale developments (rural and urban) including resource consents, plan changes and designations for airport and port matters.  31 December 2026 Yes

021 242 9175


Amanda Leith Director / Planner Remarkable Planning Limited Queenstown Planning and resource management, Resource consents, Policy and plan development, Notice of requirements / designations. 31 December 2024 No

021 621 759


Amber Buckley   Tauranga City Council     30 June 2024 No  
Amberley Gibson Consents Planner Hawkes Bay Regional Council Hawkes Bay Consents 31 December 2022 No  
Amy King Senior Resource Officer Waikato Regional Council Waikato Resource Consents, Environmental Planning 30 June 2025 No

07 859 2741


Amy Robinson Regional Consents Manager Waikato Regional Council Hamilton RMA, regional consents, coastal, biodiversity 30 June 2025 No  Email
Amy Selvaraj Technical Lead - Planning Harrison Grierson Wellington Planning - Resource Management Act and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ); Regional planning; Environmental science; Resource Management processes. 30 June 2023 No  
Amy Spurdle   Tauranga City Council     30 June 2024 No  
Anaru Begbie Programme Lead, Pūtake Taiao Raukawa Charitable Trust South Waikato Mahi Taiao, I have worked in the Taiao space for over 15 years, specialising in kaitiakitanga me mātauranga ā Raukawa within the Raukawa takiwā. This includes the management and protection of Ngā Wāhi Tapū o te Takiwā. 31 December 2025 No

027 403 6942


Anaru Vercoe Principal Adviser/Pou Whainga Bay of Plenty Regional Council North Island Freshwater policy and planning (NPSFM 2020 and PC12) including: Policy advice to MfE, Policy advice to Kahui Wai Maori, Māori engagement and relationships, Treaty policy, including statutory obligations to Māori under the RMA, LGA, Spatial Planning (Auckland Council), Iwi Management Plans, Mātauranga Māori/methodologies and Consent conditions re kaupapa Maori. 31 December 2026 No

027 269 5643


Anaru White Taiao Coordinator Te Kāhui Maru Taranaki Whānau, Hapū and Iwi Engagement 30 June 2025 No

021 196 5916


Andrea Brabant   Tonkin & Taylor Ltd     31 December 2024 No  
Andrea Julian         31 December 2025 No  
Andrea Halloran Associate Pitt and Moore Solicitors Ltd Nationwide Law, Dispute Resolution 31 December 2024 No  
Andrew Bashford Director / Principal Planner Evergreen Consulting Limited Nationwide Planning and forestry. District and regional planning. Resource consents, consent reviews, designations, plan and policy development and plan changes. 31 December 2024 No  
Andrew Braggins Senior Associate Berry Simons Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty   30 June 2026 No  
Andrew Crosland Manager, Regulatory System Assurance Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment Nationwide Resource management, regional planning, environmental science, EEZ 30 June 2023 No  
Andrew Curtis Technical Director - Independent Commissioner Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd Nationwide Environmental Science specialising in Air Quality Issues 30 June 2024 No  
Andrew Fenemor Water Management Consultant, Hydrologist and  Researcher A&H Fenemor Resource Management Nationwide Water resource management, regional land and water planning, groundwater, integrated catchment management, land use impacts on water quality. 30 June 2026 Yes  
Andrew Henderson Principal Planner Jacobs South Island District and Regional Planning 30 June 2024 Yes  
Andrew Schollum Director Puhoi Stour Ltd Nationwide General: Resource management policy, strategy, collaborative processes, planning.
Specific: Freshwater management, integrated land and water management, the development evaluation and application of environmental models in regulatory contexts in New Zealand (drafted best practice guidance for MfE), implementation of national direction via regional and district plans.
30 June 2025 No

021 988 237


Andrew Schulte Principal Cavell Leitch Ltd Christchurch Lawyer (in RM practice since 2009), previously legal and research officer (Judge's clerk) at the Environment Court 30 June 2025 No

027 418 1327


Andrew Wilkinson Planning Consultant Scott Wilkinson Planning Auckland and North Island Planning and resource management, resource consents, policy planning, regional planning, coastal planning. water quality, water takes, rural planning 31 December 2026 Yes

09 354 4166


Andrew Willis Director Planning Matters Limited Christchurch and the South Island

District plan reviews; plan changes / variations; regional policy statement reviews; land use resource consent hearings; planning advisor to hearings panels; friend of submitter; peer reviewer; independent mediator; recovery planning; place making and urban design; urban growth planning; local government hearings.

30 June 2027 No

021 108 3600


Andrew Woodford Senior Planner Queenstown Lakes District Council Queenstown   31 December 2025 No  
Ange Paget Community Ranger, Kaitiaki, Āo Hāpori Department of Conservation Central Plateau and Rotorua Statutory Processes 31 December 2023 No  
Angela Fenemor Resource Management Consultant Incite Nationwide Planning - Freshwater management, regional policy development, regional consenting 31 December 2024 No  
Angela Goodwin Principal Planner and Director Potentialis Ltd Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Far North Planning for land use and subdivision specialising in medium density residential development, large scale earthworks and rural activities (including fill sites) 31 December 2027 No

021 844 374


Angela Jones Senior Planner The Property Group Limited - Wellington Office Wellington Planning 31 December 2024 No  
Angela McFlynn Director/Consultant Planner McFlynn Surveying & Planning Hawkes Bay District Planning, Resource Consents 31 December 2023 No  
Angus Ngarangioue Trustee Pakowhai Incorporation Turanganui A Kiwa - Te Tairawhiti Cultural, Iwi Governance 31 December 2022 No  
Anita Copplestone Senior Planner Perception Planning Ltd North Canterbury, Wairarapa, Manawatu Infrastructure 31 December 2022 No  
Ann Nicholas Planning Consultant Sigma Consultants Limited     31 December 2023 No  
Ann Rodgers Planning Manager/Independent Commissioner Mackenzie District Council Nationwide, based in Central Otago Resource Management, Local Government, policy and plan development, resource consents. 31 December 2023 No  
Anna Davidson Manager Resource Consents Marlborough District Council Marlborough Resource Consents - Regional and District Planning 30 June 2027 No

027 246 9987



Anna Johnson City Development Manager Dunedin City Council Dunedin Urban Planning; Plan Changes; Plan Drafting 31 December 2025 No  
Anna Madarasz-Smith Team Leader Marine, Air and Land Science  Independent Commissioner   Nationwide

Estuarine, marine and coastal science.  Land-based impacts on coastal marine systems.  Stormwater and wastewater discharges.  Recreational water quality. Technical support for consent and plan change hearings.

31 December 2024 No

021 182 2082


Anne-Maree Ellison Iwi Representative Te Ati Awa Ki Whakarongotai Charitable Trust     31 December 2022 No  

Annie Reed

Team Leader Subdivision

Tasman District Council

    30 June 2024 No  
Anthony Cussins Independent Commissioner Tonkin + Taylor Ltd Nationwide Groundwater, Contaminated Land, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Drinking-Water Security (Groundwater). 30 June 2023 No  
Anthony Hughes-Johnson Independent Commissioner   Canterbury Law 31 December 2025 Yes  
Anthony (Tony) MacColl Principal Planning Advisor Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency Queenstown Lakes, Central Otago, Otago, Southland Strategic and spatial planning, and urban growth planning. Resource management, including resource consents, plan and policy development, plan changes, notice of requirements/designations and transport infrastructure. 30 June 2027 No

021 244 3616


Anthony Wilson Independent Commissioner Infrastructure and Water Consultancy Services Ltd Taranaki and Wellington Municipal engineering, particularly water abstraction, treatment and supply; wastewater collection treatment and disposal; stormwater and flood protection; solid waste management; all aspects of transportation and roading. 30 June 2023 No  
Antoine Coffin Consultant Director / Consultant / Commissioner Waikato, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki Maori Resource Management, Cultural Heritage Management, Cultural Values/Impact Assessment, Treaty Settlements and Planning, Community Engagement. 31 December 2024 Yes Email 
Antoinette Besier Barrister & Solicitor Tasman Law Ltd Nelson, Marlborough, Wellington, West Coast Land use planning – all aspects of consenting, Plan making – district, regional and unitary authorities, Coastal hazard management, Discharge of contaminants to air, water or land, Earthworks, Wastewater treatment, Water allocation, Notification decision making 30 June 2027 Yes

027 455 3319


Anton Becker Independent Commissioner   Greymouth Regulatory functions for District Council, spatial planning, district plans 31 December 2025 No

027 249 8341


Auriole Ruka Maori Engagement Manager Northland Regional Council     30 June 2023 No  
Aurora Grant   Environment Southland     30 June 2026 No  
Azam Khan Director Pattle Delamore Partners Limited Nationwide Environmental Engineering, specialising in solid wastes (landfill), biosolids management, wastewater treatment and disposal. Also familiar with stormwater management and discharges to air (contaminants/odour) 30 June 2024 No  
Baden Vertongen         31 December 2024 No  
Bal Matheson Barrister Richmond Chambers Auckland

Legal (all areas but particularly water, farming, and urban development)

30 June 2025 No

0274 222 977


Barbara Gilchrist Independent Commissioner       31 December 2023 No


Barbara Mead Senior Associate Sharp Tudhope Lawyers Tauranga RMA Solicitor 30 June 2026 Yes

07 928 0773 

027 510 0199

Barry Johnson Environmental Policy Manager Tasman District Council Top of the South/Te Tau Ihu National Instruments, Plans, Resource consents 30 June 2026 No  
Barry Kaye Independent Commissioner Barry Kaye Associates Limited Nationwide Planning, coastal, rural issues, subdivisions, major projects 30 June 2024 Yes  
Barry Mosley Principal BKM Consulting & Babbich Consultants Ltd Auckland, Taranaki, Northland, Gisborne Planning and Resource Management 30 June 2027 Yes

022 010 6429


Basil J Morrison CNZM JP Independent Commissioner Basil J Morrison and Associates Limited     30 June 2024 No  
Ben Potaka Manager Heeni Investment Company Ltd Manawatu, Whanganui, Ruapehu Customary and Traditional Fisheries, Commercial Fisheries, Marae Development, Papakainga Housing 31 December 2025 No  
Benita Tahuri Independent Commmissioner   Hawkes Bay Cultural Impact and Analysis, Te Ao Māori, Relationship and Engagement 30 June 2025 No

021 258 8508


Beverley James Researcher Public Policy and Research   Social impact assessment. Housing 31 December 2025 No  
Bianca Sullivan Independent Commissioner Enviser Ltd Nationwide Environmental planning, water resource management, coastal & marine developments 31 December 2025 Yes  
Bill Smith Independent Commissioner   Nationwide Local Government 30 June 2023 Yes

021 868 434


Bill Wasley Independent Commissioner Wasley Knell Consultants     30 June 2023 Yes  
Blair Dickie Principal Strategic Advisor Waikato Regional Council Hamilton/Nationwide Climate Adaptation - renewable energy; Natural resource allocation - water and geothermal; Regional policy statements; Regional Plans; Regional coastal plans 31 December 2025 No

021 894 451


Bonny Hatami   Ngāti Pahauwera Development Trust     31 December 2022 No  
Brad Coombs Independent Commissioner Isthmus Group Nationwide Landscape architecture, urban design, natural character 30 June 2026 No  
Brandon Baillie Senior Resource Consents Planner Central Hawke’s Bay District Council Central Hawke’s Bay (Waipukurau, Waipawa and surrounds) Resource consent processing and compliance 31 December 2024 No  
Brenda Baillie Policy Specialist Northland Regional Council     30 June 2024 No  
Brenda Steele Defence Employment Support Council - NZDF, Benefits Review Panel MSD, Whiti Ora o Kaipara Charitible Trust Chairperson. Self Employed Auckland, Northland, will consider Nationwide if required Local Board – Auckland Council. Reviewing plans and understanding of Rural and coastal challenges including natural resources and Te Ao Maori. Great listening skills, respectful and enjoy meeting people. 31 December 2022 No  
Brendan Sheehan Director / Principal Engineer Mt Aurum Engineering Consultants Ltd Nationwide Dam design and cosntruction, dam safety, irrigation schemes, general civil engineering, project management. 30 June 2023 No  
Brent Cowie (Dr) Independent Commissioner Cowie Resource Management     30 June 2023 Yes  
Brent Limmer Manager – Investment and Planning Kāinga Ora Homes and Communities Nationwide with focus on Central North Island and Wellington Region All aspects of resource management planning including plan development and resource consenting. 31 December 2023 No  
Brent Manning Director Independent Engineering Consultant Taranaki, Nationwide Civil engineering, utility and network infrastructure (roads and water), project planning and delivery, including designations/Notices of Requirement and spatial planning. Engineering and project management. 30 June 2025 No

027 752 2187


Brett Gawn Surveying and Urban Development Leader Calibre Group Nationwide Subdivision and land development, planning, design and engineering 30 June 2023 No  
Brian Morris Co-Chair Rākautātahi Marae Trustees Hawkes Bay Māori iwi, hapū perspectives, tikanga Māori, te reo Māori, licensed translator Māori to English, English to Māori, Treaty of Waitangi claims 31 December 2025 No  
Bridget Gilbert         31 December 2025 No  
Brigid Kelly Director - Hanganga Matihiko Legal (Infrastructure & Digital) Ministry of Education Auckland based Legal 31 December 2025 No

027 291 2817


Bronwyn Arthur Principal Arthur Noble Ltd Nationwide with a focus on Canterbury and Kaikoura following the earthquakes Legal interpretation and application of the RMA. Administrative/ public law processes. Legislation impacting on RMA, particularly earthquake related Acts. 31 December 2025 No  
Bronwyn Carruthers Barrister, Independent Commissioner Shortland Chambers Auckland based available to practice Nationwide Legal 31 December 2024 No

021 685 809


Bronwyn Faulkner Senior Principal Boffa Miskell Limited Nationwide Landscape planning and design, rural and coastal assessment, landscape and visual effects assessment 30 June 2024 No  
Bronwyn Hunt Independent Commissioner   Nationwide, Northland RM issues affecting Tāngata whenua, mātauranga Māori, iwi environmental management planning and policy, iwi engagement; local government policies and processes; iwi/hapū economic, social, environmental and cultural development. 31 December 2023 No  
Brooke Loader Director Loader Legal Limited Auckland, Nothland Resource management lead on Henderson-Massey Local Board, practicing Barrister and Solicitor in Māori issues advocacy and environmental issues, governance experience 30 June 2024 No

022 025 0436


Bruce Graham Independent Commissioner Graham Environmental Consulting Limited Nationwide Air quality, Environmental science, hazardous substances 30 June 2024 No  
Bryan Bates Consultant Cirrus Associates Limited Nationwide Water resource management, Wastewater, Dams Stormwater, Coastal, General resource management 30 June 2024 No  
Bryce Phillipson Senior Environmental Engineer Tauranga City Council Tauranga Resource consent processing and decision making 30 June 2024 No  
Burnette O'Connor Planner/Director The Planning Collective Ltd

Auckland, Kaipara, Whangarei, Far North Council’s

25+ years experience in all areas of resource consenting (landuse, coastal, discharge, subdivision), plan changes, NoRs, Policy and Plan drafting and reviews, Env Ct evidence, Commissioner work in both rural and urban communities. 30 June 2027 Yes

021 422 346


Caleb Sutton Environmental Consents Manager Hastings District Council Auckland – Hauraki Gulf Islands
Hastings District

Experienced resource consents planner with over 15 years in both consent and policy roles for local government

30 June 2024 No  
Callum Beattie Kaitātari Kaupapa Here Maungaharuru-Tangitū Trust Hawkes Bay Lawyer 30 June 2025 No

027 223 6016


Cam Twigley Director, Planning and Environment BTW Company Ltd North Island Planning: upstream and downstream energy, mining, agriculture, horticulture, residential and commercial land development, rural & residential subdivision, waste transfer, waste disposal, contaminated land, telecommunications, network utilities, Te Ao Māori, sports & recreation, education, tourism & hospitality, health care & aged care 31 December 2027 Yes

027 454 4886


Cameron King Senior Resource Officer Waikato Regional Council Waikato Water Allocation 30 June 2027 No  
Cameron Lines Independent Geotechnical Specialist Baseline Geotechnical Limited Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Tasman, West Coast/Buller Geology, Geotechnical. Specialist in mining/quarrying and large-scale linear infrastructure (water and wastewater supply, roads, rail) 31 December 2026 No

021 378 269


Camilla Owen Lawyer       31 December 2023 Yes  
Carolyn Lundquist Principal Scientist / Associate Professor NIWA / University of Auckland Nationwide, based in Hamilton/Auckland Marine, coastal and estuarine science; marine spatial planning; biodiversity; soft sediment ecosystems including shellfish, mangrove and seagrass ecosystems 31 December 2025 No

07 859 1866


Carolyn Wratt Principal Planner Wratt Resource Management Planning Ltd Nationwide Planning, policy and plan development, EEZ Act, resource management processes. 30 June 2023 No  
Carron Blom (Dr) Director, Independent Commissioner Anguillid Consulting Engineers and Scientists Limited Nationwide Trans-disciplinary resource management, environmental science/engineering, infrastructure delivery and operations, coastal, stormwater, integration of environmental sciences and engineering, mediation. 31 December 2025 No  
Catherine Clarke Partner, Planner Boffa Miskell Limited Auckland RMA plans and policy preparation, RMA consenting processes, Coastal planning and experience with marine consents under EEZ Act. 30 June 2023 No  
Catherine Iorns Law Professor Victoria University of Wellington Wellington/Nationwide RMA plans, RMA consents, coastal plans, EEZ marine consents. Climate adaptation, Treaty settlements and legal protection of Māori interests. General environmental law and statutory interpretation. 30 June 2026 No  
Cathy Katene Managing Director/Independent Commissioner Ariari Whanau Trust Taranaki, Hauraki Environmental Management, Cultural Impact Assessment, Conversation, Mataurangi Māori, Cultural Values, Tangata whenua, Kaitiakitanga, Wai Māori, Rural Pest Control. 30 June 2027 No  
Catriona Eagles Cheal Consultants       30 June 2024 No  
Celia Davison Manager Central South, Plans and Places Auckland Council Auckland Region

Statutory and policy planning, resource management, unitary and district plan development, urban growth management, land use and spatial planning

30 June 2027 No  

021 246 9825


Celia Haden Principal Solicitor Environmental Protection Authority Wellington Legal 30 June 2026 Yes  
Ceri Edmonds Manager Policy and Planning Hawkes Bay Regional Council Napier/Hawkes Bay Resource Management Policy Planning 31 December 2027 No

027 278 4371 


Chalet Bidois Pou Taiao – Project Manager Te Nehenehenui Trust Te Kūiti He uri tēnei no Ngāti Maniapoto. I have experience in Māori and Indigenous research studying at the University of Waikato. I have also attained on the job knowledge from my Project Manager role in the environmental for the Ngāti Maniapoto Iwi entity, Te Nehenehenui Trust. 31 December 2025 No Email
Chanti Boyle Intermediate Environmental Planner Tauranga City Council Tauranga Resource consent processing and decision making 30 June 2024 No  
Charlotte Almond Manager Strategy and Policy Horizons Regional Council Manawatu-Whanganui Region Resource Management Policy and Planning 31 December 2022 No  
Dr Charlotte Drury Principal Planner, Director View Consultants Ltd Nationwide Regional land and water planning, regional resource consents, land use impacts on water quality, freshwater governing 31 December 2025 No

027 322 5595


Chelsea Terei Director Tukau Law Te Taitokerau, Auckland Maori Crown Relations, Waitangi Tribunal, Maori Land Court 31 December 2023 No  
Cherie Lane Planning Consultant Lane Associates Limited Auckland, Whangarei, Hamilton. Available Nationwide. Planning and resource management; resource consents, policy planning, and urban land use and development. 31 December 2024 Yes

021 764 201


Cheryl Cleary Independent Commissioner Cleary Associates Ltd Nationwide, based in Waikato All aspects of resource management planning, including district and regional resource consents, policy and plan preparation and reviews, plan changes, and notices of requirement. 30 June 2024 No  
Chloe Trenouth Director Hill Young Cooper Limited Auckland, Waikato, Northland and Bay of Plenty  District plans; regional policy statements; designations; resource consents; stormwater; Māori planning; growth management; Housing development; Industrial site development; and Transport infrastructure. 31 December 2023 No

022 614 7605


Chris Dawson Senior Planner Bloxam Burnett and Olliver Limited Waikato/Bay of Plenty  Land development, rural and urban subdivision, structure planning, wind farms, quarries, large infrastructure projects, heritage buildings. 30 June 2026 No  
Chris Horne Director, Principal Planner Incite (Auckland) Limited Auckland based, has worked throughout NZ Planner with broad range of experience in the planning field (25+ years) with a particular interest in network utilities and public works projects and designations 31 December 2025 No

027 479 4980


Chris Laidlaw Independent Commissioner       30 June 2023 Yes  
Chris Mitchell Independent Commissioner Mitchell Law Nationwide Resource management and Local Government Law 31 December 2023 Yes  
Christin Atchinson Resource Officer Waikato Regional Council   Coastal 30 June 2026 No  
Christine Coste Principal/Planner Boffa Miskell Limited Auckland Planning 31 December 2024 No  
Christine Foster Independent Commissioner CF Consulting Services Ltd     31 December 2023 Yes  
Christopher Hansen Director/RMA Planning Consultant Chris Hansen Consultants Ltd Nationwide Resource management and urban planning including: Major Infrastructure consenting, Hydrogenation and Irrigation consenting, Nutrient Management policy, Hazardous substance storage and use, Quarrying options, Coastal Policies and consenting (discharges), 31 December 2027 No  
Christopher Scrafton Senior Planner MWH Nationwide Town Planning 31 December 2026 No  
Christopher Turbott Principal Planner Auckland Council Auckland, Bay of Plenty All RMA Planning 30 June 2024 No  
Cindy Robinson Independent Commissioner       31 December 2023 Yes  
Claire Gibb   Ministry for the Environment     31 December 2025 No  
Claire Kirman (Dr) Special Counsel - Urban Development  Kainga Ora - Homes and Communities Nationwide Resource Management Lawyer 30 June 2027 No  Email
Clare Barton Group Manager Strategy and Environment Nelson City Council Central and Southern North Island Planning 31 December 2025 No  
Clare Hamilton 

Team Leader: Development Engineering (Environmental Planning)

Tauranga City Council  Tauranga and Selwyn

Engineering aspects developments including service connections, network capacities, upgrading of infrastructure, natural hazards and how these tie back to RMA/ City and District Plans.

30 June 2024  No  
Clare Lenihan Environmental and Public Law Barrister Clare Lenihan Barrister Southland and Otago but able to travel Lawyer, Resource Manasgement, planning, conservation, consents, plans 31 December 2025 No

027 577 6823


Clare Sinnott Barrister and Solicitor MinterEllisonRuddWatts   Law and Infrastructure 30 June 2024 No  
Clive Anstey Landscape and Resource Planner     Landscape Planning and design, forestry and ecology 31 December 2023 No  
Clive Geddes Independent Commissioner   Taupo District and Regional Plan Changes 31 December 2022 No  

Cole Burmester

Waste Planning Manager

Tauranga City Council

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Thames-Coromandel

Planning, Resource Consents, Urban Development, Natural Hazards, Coastal Environment, Waste Infrastructure, Landfills, Resource Recovery Parks

30 June 2024 No  

Colin Weatherall

Qsm / JP

Independent Commissioner / Mediator Self  South Island  Commissioner & Facilitator, Experienced Chair - panel and sole, All  RMA Matters and mediation assignments. 30 June 2024 Yes

021 717 070


Craig Barr Principal  Town Planning Group Southland and Otago regions Planning. Land use and subdivision, including rural landscape management, reverse sensitivity and compatibility issues. Indigenous biodiversity management, urban intensification. District Plan and regional Policy Statement preparation including plan review and plan changes. Notice of requirements and alterations to designations. 31 December 2026 No

027 406 5593


Craig Pauling Kaiarataki - Te Hīhiri / Strategic Advisor - Māori Boffa Miskell Ltd Christchurch, Canterbury and South Island Cultural narratives, values reports and impact assessments, Iwi environmental management planning and policy, environmental monitoring and ecological restoration, Iwi/community consultation and engagement 31 December 2027 No  
Craig Redmond Executive Consultant Jacobs Christchurch Environmental management technical specialist with a particular focus on the natural environment (water, ecology), infrastructure planning, consent compliance, and environmental management systems 31 December 2025 No

03 940 4961


Craig Welsh Independent Commissioner Resource and Environmental Management Nelson Limited     31 December 2025 Yes  
Daina-Jane Cunningham

Consents Planner

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Hamilton, Waikato, Otorohanga, Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty, Whakatāne. Bay of Plenty Regional and Waikato Regional.

Environmental management, science and consent planning. Māori natural resources management (whenua).

30 June 2024 No  
Dale Eastham National Manager, Environment & Sustainability Fulton Hogan Ltd   Natural Resource Management; Land management and development, industrial sites, civil construction, water and air discharges 31 December 2025 No

027 212 4142


Dale Meredith Senior Policy Planner Hawkes Bay Regional Council Hawkes Bay, Otago Policy planning 31 December 2027 No  
Dalia Zarour-Evanson Inermediate Consents Planner Hawkes Bay Regional Council Napier, Hawkes Bay RMA environmental resource consent processing, policy planning, compliance and pollution enforcement at Greater Wellington Regional Council, Horizons Regional Council and the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council 31 December 2025 No  
Damian Ellerton Associate Marshall Day Acoustics Nationwide Acoustics/Noise 30 June 2023 No  
Dana Wensley Independent Commissioner       31 December 2025 Yes  
Daniel Cox Planner Environment Canterbury Christchurch/Canterbury Policy planning and resource management working mainly with the Regional Policy Statement and have previous experience working on the review of a district plan 31 December 2025 No

027 842 5240


Daniel Kinnoch Director/Resource Management Planner CoLab Planning Limited Auckland, Christchurch Resource Management / RM Planner 31 December 2025 No

022 091 7233


Daniel Rodie Team Leader, Resource Consents Auckland Council   Resource Management Planning and Subdivision 30 June 2026 No  
Daniel Sadlier Partner Ellis Gould Lawyers Nationwide Environmental and Resource Management Law 31 Decenber 2025 No

09 306 0748


Daniel Smith Environmental Planning Manager Tauranga City Council Bay of Plenty Resource Management Planning 31 December 2023 No  
Daniel Tingey   Bay of Plenty Regional Council     31 December 2023 No  
Danielle Petricevich Principal Planner 4Sight Consulting, part of SLR Nationwide Resource Management Planning, with a particular focus in Regional Consent Planning 31 December 2025 No  Email
Darrell Statham Independent Commissoner/Transportation Manager Porirua City Council Nationwide Roading, traffic, transportation, subdivisions, developments 31 December 2022 No  
Darren Ludlow Independent Commissioner Invercargill City Council     30 June 2023 Yes  
Darryl Black   Tauranga City Council     30 June 2024 No  
Darryl Millar Independent Commissioner Resource Management Group Limited     30 June 2023 No  
Darryn Russell  Chief Executive Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust   

Heretaunga/Tamatea, Te Waipounamu


Extensive indigenous governance and leadership experience. Strong commercial, social, environmental and cultural roles in National senior appointments through to NGO and community development undertakings. Academically founded in people development, political theory and practice and defined by a social lens of empowerment and equity.

31 December 2025 No

 027 506 1393


Dave Marshall Kaitohutohu Taiao/ Environmental Policy Advisor Marshall Planning  Nationwide Natural resource policy and planning. Recognising and providing for hapū and iwi values in resource management systems and outcomes. 30 June 2026 No

021 256 3550   


Dave Moule Planner/Associate Partner Boffa Miskell Hamilton Planning and resource management, resource consents, policy and plan development, plan changes, designations 30 June 2025 No

022 071 5900


Dave Serjeant Independent Commissioner Merestone Limited Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Christchurch Planning and economics, Environmental Planning (Regional Resource Consents) 30 June 2026 Yes  
Dave Smith Technical Director – Transportation Planning Abley Limited Christchurch Transportation planning and traffic engineering. This includes transportation modelling, transportation research, public transport planning, walking and cycling planning and design. 31 December 2027 No  
David  Clendon   Far North District Council Northland, Auckland B.A (Politics & Education) Auckland Uni. MSc (Hons) Resource Management, Lincoln Uni. Programme Director, Bachelor Resource Management, Unitec (ecosystem management, environmental economics). Sustainable Business Adviser. Member of Parliament 2009 - 2017 31 December 2023 No

021 682 580


David Allen Special Counsel Buddle Findlay Wellington Law 30 June 2025 Yes  
David Bridges Independent Commissioner Kaiuru Consulting Limited Nationwide Water Resource Engineering, Municipal Engineering, Public and Private Sector Infrastructure, Stormwater and Flood Protection, Rivers Engineering and Land Development. 30 June 2024 No  
David Caldwell Barrister Bridgeside Chambers     31 December 2025 Yes  
David Campbell Planning Manager Central Otago District Council     31 December 2023 No  
David Dangerfield Director EHS Support New Zealand Auckland, Waikato and Northland Regions Contaminated Land 30 June 2027 No  
David Forrest Senior Planner Beca Ltd  Lower North Island  Planner  30 June 2025  No  
David Hill Independent Commissioner Sole Practitioner Nationwide, International Planning, social science, Te Ao Maori, Environmental science 30 June 2024 Yes  
David Just Team Leader Consents Planning Environment Canterbury Canterbury Regional Council Consents Planning, Water, Coastal. 31 December 2025 No  
David Marshall         31 December 2024 Yes  
David McLernon Independent Commissioner Octa Associates Limited Christchurch Engineering. Expertise in groundwater, discharges to ground and air 31 December 2023 Yes  
David McMahon Independent Commissioner Resource Management Group Limited Nationwide District/Regional Policy, Plans and Plan changes; Resourse Consents: Land Use, Subdivision and Regional Consents; Designations; sole Commissioner and/or Panel member 31 December 2023 No  
David Mead Independent Commissioner Sole Practitioner Auckland Urban design, plannnig 30 June 2023 Yes  
David Mountfort Independent Commissioner Mountfort Planning Limited Canterbury, South Island General planning and resource management, policy and plan preparation, natural hazards, rural residential 31 December 2022 Yes  
David Murphy City Planner Palmerston North City Council Palmserston North and Manawatu District Plan development, strategic land-use planning, urban design policy, development contributions and placemaking. 30 June 2024 No  
David Newey Planning Manager Department of Conservation South Island   31 December 2026 No  
David Perenara-O'Connell Tribal Representative Ngai Tahu Greater Christchurch, Te Takiwa o Ngai Tahu Tangata whenua values, kaitiakitanga, water management, collaborative engagement 31 December 2022 No  
David Pullar Independent Commissioner   Otago, Southland   30 June 2023 Yes  
David Randal Partner Buddle Findlay   Resource Management, Māori law, local government, EEZ Act 30 June 2026 Yes  
David Stagg Team Leader Waikato Regional Council Waikato Industrial discharges to land air and water 30 June 2023 No  
David Wren Principal David Wren - Planning Policy Research Auckland My main areas of expertise include the planning assesment of resource consents, plan reviews and changes and notiices of requirement. 31 December 2026 Yes

09 815 0543


Dayle Hunia Independent Commissioner Kotuku Systems Ltd Eastern Bay of Plenty Māori Natural Resource Management and Economic Development, RMA: District/Regional Policy, Plans and Plan changes, Resource Consents and Plan Changes, EEZ Act applications and Environmental science. 31 December 2026 No  
Dean Chrystal Independent Commissioner Planz Consultants Limited Nationwide Planning and resource management, including district and regional plan reviews, plan changes, resource consents, including major infrastructure, discharges, and urban and rural development 30 June 2023 Yes  
Debbie Donaldson   Perception Planning Ltd     31 December 2022 No  
Deborah Kissick Senior Environmental Planner Traverse Environmental Nationwide, particularly North Island Planning 30 June 2024 No  
Deborah Paterson Independent Commissioner     Ngāi Tahu, Agriculture 31 December 2025 No  
Deborah Ryan Technical Director - Air Quality Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd Nationwide Air quality and odour effects assessment, industrial/infrastructure developments, air quality planning 31 December 2024 No  
Deborah Te Riaki Trustee Ngati Rangi Trust Ohakune, Southern Ruapehu Maori Cultural Values 31 December 2025 No  
Deepani Seneviratna Team Leader Consents Planning Environment Canterbury Christchurch, West Melton & Bank Peninsula S12 Coastal activities, s15 discharges (Stormwater and other contaminated water), s9 activities 30 June 2026 No  
Deidre Ewart Manager Permissions/SLM Department of Conservation     31 December 2025 No  
Denis Nugent Independent Commissioner   Nationwide District and Regional Planning, coastal Planning, heritage Planning 31 December 2023 Yes  
Dennis Bush-King Independent Commissioner/Planner   Tasman, Nelson Plan development and consenting/designation experience involving land use and subdivision, contaminated land, water allocation, dams, river works, discharges to air and water, and activities in the CMA including aquaculture developments. 30 June 2025 No

027 431 0317


Derek Todd Principal Coastal and Natural Hazards Scientist Jacobs Nationwide Coastal processes, coastal hazards, (erosion, inundation, sea level rise) 31 December 2024 No  
Dhilum Nightingale Barrister Kate Sheppard Chambers Nationwide but based in Wellington Plan changes, plan and policy statement reviews, consenting, infrastructure, utilities, residential developments, national policy statements and NES-consents, fast-track consenting, enabling housing supply / incorporating medium density residential standards, EEZ applications 31 December 2026 Yes

021 385 130


Diane Palmer Resource Officer-Energy Waikato Regional Council     30 June 2024 No  
Don Chittock   Fulton Hogan     30 June 2025 No  
Donald Turley Principal Turley Solutions Nelson- Marlborough; Buller -West Coast; Wellington; Wairarapa; Manawatu; Hawkes Bay Resource Management; District and Regional Planning; Resource Consents; Mediation. 31 December 2023 Yes  
Donna Jones   Waikato Regional Council     31 December 2023 No  
Doug Tate Group Manager – Customer and Community Partnerships Central Hawke’s Bay District Council Hawkes bay and wider Manawatu/Whanganui Region Community and integrated strategic planning, places and open spaces, development contributions, consultation and public participation and placemaking. 30 June 2024 No  
Douglas Fairgray Director Market Economics Ltd All of New Zealand Urban form and function (efficiency, sustainability), Urban and regional economies, land use and demand, infrastructure, NPSUDC, Economic /social well-beings, communities, Retail, commerce, centres and business areas, Transport infrastructure 31 December 2024 No  
Dudley Clemens   J.Swap Contractors Ltd     31 December 2025 No  
Dugald Ley Development Engineer Tasman District Council Top of the South Island Region Civil Environmental Engineering 30 June 2024 No  
Duncan Gray Senior Scientist – freshwater ecology ECan Canterbury, West Coast Freshwater ecology, water quality, fish and invertebrates, Mining, land use change/agriculture, urban development, braided rivers, environmental monitoring. River flow and allocation, policy and plan development 31 December 2023 No  
Dyanna Jolly Independent Researcher and Consultant Wītaskēwin Nationwide Relationships between social, cultural and ecological aspects of resource management, cross-cultural and participatory planning, collaborative engagement, Cultural Impact Assessment, Iwi Management Plans. 30 June 2023 No  
Dylan Makgill Team Leader Environmental Planning Tauranga City Council Bay of Plenty Consenting 30 June 2027 No  
Dynes Fulton         30 June 2023 Yes  
Edith Bretherton Natural Hazards Planner GNS Science Auckland, West Coast Regional Planning including coastal, District Planning, Resource Consenting - regional, district and subdivision; Natural Hazards specialist 31 December 2025 No


Edmund Brown Manager Environmental Monitoring Waikato Regional Council Waikato Hydrology (surface water and groundwater), water allocation policy and implementation 30 June 2024 No  
Eileen Von Dadelszen Principal, Independent Mediator and Hearings Commissioner Eileen von Dadelszen Planning Consultant Nationwide, from bases in Hawkes Bay and Wellington Experienced facilitator and Commissioner; fulfilling chair, panel and sole adjudication and mediation assignments 31 March 2027 Yes

 027 600 0987


Eleanor Christensen Consents Officer Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Resourse Consents, Planning, Travel Demand Management 31 December 2025 No  
Elizabeth Burge Independent Commissioner   Wellington region Te Ao Maori, District and Regional policy, plans and plan changes, resource consents including regional, land use and subdivision. 30 June 2024 No  
Liz Devery Team Leader - Planning Invercargill City Council     31 December 2025 No  
(Dr) Elizabeth McKenzie   Environment Canterbury     31 December 2023 No  
Elizabeth Palmer Change Agent/Independent Commissioner Paama Group Nationwide, 1st preference North Island & Tairawhiti, Hawkes Bay Te Taiao Management for Marae, Hapu, and Iwi, Treaty Settlement/Claims, Dip. Maori Governance & Leadership, Te Wairoa Reserves Board, & Wairoa District Council (MSC) Maori Standing Committee Trusteeship  30 June 2026 No  
Ella Tennent Principal Advisor Consents Bay of Plenty Regional Council     31 December 2023 No  
Ellen Davidson Policy Planner Kapiti Coast District Council Kapiti District Policy planning, future urban development, plan drafting and change process 31 December 2025  No  Email
Ellen Robotham Consultant Mitchell Daysh Limited Napier, Hawkes Bay Freshwater 31 December 2027 No

021 457 322


Eloise Ryan (Dr) Senior Scientist Waikato Regional Council Waikato Water Quality 31 December 2023 No  
Elva Conroy Director/Planning Consultant Conroy & Donald Consultants Limited Nationwide Planning & Resource Management, Regional Planning, Water Resource Management, Te Ao Māori, Māori Cultural Heritage 31 December 2023 No  
Elyse Neville Senior Consents Officer Otago Regional Council Otago   31 December 2023 No  
Emily Thomson Senior Planner Kapiti Coast District Council Nationwide Planning 31 December 2022 No  
Emma Christmas Independent Commissioner   Otago Planning, water and land use management 30 June 2024 Yes

027 620 6031


Emma Cowan Resource Officer / Land Development, Resource Use Waikato Regional Council   Resource Management Planning, aggregate and mineral extraction, landfills, plantation forestry. 31 December 2023 No  
Emma Larsen Principal Resource Consents Advisor Selwyn District Council Christchurch Resource consent planning 31 December 2026 No  

Eric Guo

Senior Development Engineer

Porirua City Council

Tauranga and Wellington

Resource consents, technical advice

31 December 2025 No

021 139 7032


Euan Williams

Principal Planner

Wood and Partners Consultants Limited

Nationwide - Auckland and upper half of North Island

Planning and Resource Management, District and Regional Planning, Designations, Resource Consents including major infrastructure, stormwater and wastewater discharges, freshwater, wetlands, urban and rural subdivision, land development, and multi-unit housing.

31 December 2025 No

021 757 975


Felicity Boyd




Policy and plan development, freshwater management

30 June 2024 No  
Felicity Butcher Researcher and Planning Consultant New Heritage Ltd Nationwide Social Science and Built Heritage research including Heritage value ratings, Conservation Plans, Heritage Reports, Needs Assessments, and funding applications. Six years elected member of Dunedin City Council Consents Hearing Panel. Recently gained additional academic qualifications in Planning 31 December 2025 No

027 846 1986


Fern Brand Trustee/Secretary, Delivery Manager JFN, Strategic Partnerships Development Advisor Ngā Kaitiaki o Puketapu Hapū Trust New Plymouth, Taranaki Working in hapū within consultation and engagement spaces. Ongoing development is slow to adapt, working to embed the concept of better design and cohesive landscape planning and integration . Overseeing Jobs for Nature investment in Taranaki 30 June 2025 No

021 103 1063


Fiona Blight Manager Resource Consents Queenstown Lakes District Council Queenstown Lakes District Land use, resource consent matters, Designations (including alterations) 31 December 2023 No  
Fiona McTavish Chief Executive Tumu Whakarae Bay of Plenty Regional Council     30 June 2026 No  
Fiona Shaw Kaimahi Putaaio Te Kahui O Rauru South Taranaki/Whanganui Tikanga Maori, Conservation and biodiversity management, Planning 31 December 2022 No  
Fleur Maseyk Practice Leader/ Conservation Scientist The Catalyst Group Based in Wellington, work nationally Biodiversity policy; effects management; biodiversity offsetting and compensation; natural capital and ecosystem services; biodiversity in farming landscapes; conservation and land management practices 31 December 2027 No

022 158 1615


Fleur Matthews Team Leader, Policy & Planning Greater Wellington Regional Council   Policy development, biodiversity, biosecurity. 31 December 2025 No

021 306 951


Fraser Campbell Independent Commissioner Campbell Consulting Limited Nationwide Environmental Engineering, Economic Analysis, Stormwater and River Management, Irrigation and Water Resource Allocation 31 December 2022 No  
Gareth Taylor Director and Environmental & Projects Consultant Collaborations (Trading name for Taylor Collaborations Limited) Christchurch Resource Consents, Ecology, Environmental Management, Water Resources, Natural Resources, Project Delivery 31 December 2027 No

027 340 6494


Gary Bramley Principal Ecologist and Director The Ecology Company Limited Nationwide, but particularly Northland and the West Coast of the South Island Ecology 31 December 2025 No  
Gary Rae Independent Commissioner Incite Nelson, experienced in South Island and Central North Island Regions All aspects of RMA planning including District Plan Reviews, Plan Changes, resource consents, designations, with particular expertise in traffic, roading, and noise issues. 30 June 2026 Yes  
Gavin Donald Managing Director GMD Consultants North Island Strategy and Policy Development, Resource Consents, Freshwater, Three Waters 31 December 2025 No


Gavin Ion Chief Executive Waikato District Council Waikato Region General Management, structure planning, growth management, Future Proof Strategy, development contributions, rural subdivision 31 December 2026 No

027 227 4273


Gavin Kemble Director, Majority Owner, Planner Enspire Consulting Limited Nationwide based in Tauranga Statutory Planning, Coastal Planning, Planning Document Process, Freshwater Planning, Designations, Network Utilities & Large Infrastructure Planning. 31 December 2026 Yes

027 437 7613


Gavin Lister Independent Commissioner Isthmus Group Nationwide Urban Design, Landscape Architecture 30 June 2026 No  
Gavin McCullagh Principal Planner 4Sight Consulting Part of SLR Whanganui and Southland Detailed experience in the application of climate change policy to land use planning with a focus on adaptation and mitigation of natural hazards. Experience also includes sustainable development policy, environmental master planning for ports, and RMA policy and plan development 31 December 2025 No

022 037 9932


Geoff Shier Independent Commissioner   Hurunui District   30 June 2026 No

0274 520 534


George Gericke   Environment Southland     30 June 2023 No  
George Lyons     North Island  Rural, Planning and resource consents 30 June 2027 Yes



Gerard Cleary   Anthony Harper     31 December 2022 No  
Gerard McCarten Planning Manager Sentinel Planning Ltd Nationwide Planning, Resource Management, Resource Consents 31 December 2025 Yes  
Gerard Willis Director Enfocus Ltd Nationwide Land and water management (quality and quantity), Rural management issues (district and regional), Natural hazards, Biodiversity, Energy 31 December 2023 No

021 630 349


Gemma Conlon

Director – Principal Planner

Perspective Consulting Limited

Canterbury and Otago Strategy advice and policy development, Issue scoping, Public consultation, Resource consenting including applications, outline plans, subdivisions, submissions and objections, Pre-planning advice, Environment Court mediation, District Plan changes, Section 32 reports 30 June 2024 No  
Gerry Kessels Managing Director/Principal Ecologist Bluewattle Ecology Hamilton Terrestrial and freshwater ecology. Environmental impact assessment. Biodiversity offsetting. Conservation and biodiversity policy. Natural character assessment. Significant natural area assessment. Ecological restoration. 30 June 2027 No

 027 286 8449


Gillian Crowcroft Independent Commissioner & Freshwater Commissioner Harrison Grierson Consultants Nationwide

Freshwater management, integrated catchment management, hydrology (esp. groundwater), regional land and water policy & planning, and resource consents (3-waters take & discharges, structures and land use).

31 December 2023 No  
Gillian Wratt Independent Commissioner   Nationwide, based in Nelson Environmental Science 31 December 2025 No  

Gillian Ensor

Environmental Consultant 

Enviser Ltd

Christchurch and South Island  Planning and resource management, resource consents, policy and plan drafting  30 June 2024 No  
Gina Ferguson Compliance Manager Marlborough District Council Marlborough RMA, Regional and District, Noise 30 June 2024 No  
Gina Jones Director Gina Jones Wellington, Wairarapa Architecture; Heritage 30 June 2024 No

021 456 088 


Gina Rangi Independent Commissioner Koi Consulting Ltd     30 June 2023 No  
Gina Sweetman Independent Commissioner Sweetman Planning Nationwide Resource management, local and regional planning, policy and plan development. Resource consents. Te Ao Maori, Freshwater and Chair of Hearing Panels. 31 December 2024 Yes

021 866 711


Giulia Lazarim   RedCrow     31 December 2023 No  
Glen Cooper Principal Planner AECOM Nationwide Resource management, regional and district planning, environmental science (marine biology), proposals of national significance, regulatory policy 30 June 2023 No  
Glenice Paine Independent Maori Commissioner Independent Nationwide  A wide range of Environmental issues affecting Tangata Whenua. Iwi environmental management including economic, social, and cultural development. Fisheries incl; Maori customary and commercial 30 June 2024 No  Email
Glenn Wilcox Board Member Independent Maori Statutory Board     31 December 2025 No  
Graham Macky Director Macky Fluvial Consulting Ltd Nationwide, Auckland based River engineering, including numerical modelling, overland flow, dambreak analysis and sediment transport. Stormwater management. Flood hydrology including catchment modelling 30 June 2027 No  Email
Graham Taylor Independent Commissioner Resource Management Group Canterbury/South Island District/Regional Policy, Plans and Plan changes; Resource Consents: Land Use, Subdivision and Regional Consents; Designations; Sole Commissioner and/or Panel member 31 December 2025 No  
Graham Thomas Consultant Resource Management Consultants Nelson, Tasman, West Coast Engineering, Maori Issues, Developments and Land Use Consents 30 June 2024 No  
Grant Blackie Land and Soil Programme Manager Waikato Regional Council     30 June 2024 No  
Grant Kettle Planning and Guidance Unit Manager Hamilton City Council Waikato Policy development, consenting, natural resource/freshwater management, urban land development, iwi/treaty matters 31 December 2025 No

021 883 329


Greg Burrell (Dr) Director Instream Consulting Ltd Christchurch Ecology and water quality 31 December 2027 No

022 0169 089



Greg Carlyon Director The Catalyst Group Nationwide Biodiversity, land and water management, regional and district planning, resource consents 31 December 2024 Yes  
Greg Hill Independent Commissioner Greg Hill Consultants Nationwide Planning – District and Regional Planning – Plan reviews, changes and resource consents (all facets, but particularly growth management and coastal management) 31 December 2023 Yes

021 451 820


Greg Ryder (Dr) Technical Direcotr - Ecology & Water Quality 4Sight Consulting Nationwide Abstractions, aquatic ecology, flow setting, impoundments, mining, non-point source discharges, water quality, wastewater discharges to coastal and freshwater environment, plan changes. 30 June 2027 Yes

 027 437 7617


Greg Shirras Resource Consents Manager MyNoke Hawkes Bay and Taupo Resource Consents - Discharges to Land and Water Takes 31 December 2027 No  
Grey Wilson  Principal Good Earth Matters Consulting Ltd Hawke’s Bay, East Coast, Manawatu, Central North Island Community infrastructure and three waters consenting; water resources; infrastructure policy development; aggregate resources; rivers and flood protection; electricity generation and transmission including renewables. 31 December 2023 No

027 255 1035


Gwyneth Elsum General Manager Strategy, Policy & Science Otago Regional Council     31 December 2023 No  
Hadley Mills Planning, Science and Innovation Manager West Coast Regional Council West Coast Landscape Architecture 31 December 2025 No  
Haidee McCabe   Irricon Resource Solutions     31 December 2025 No  
Hamish Barrell District Planning Manager Timaru District Council     31 December 2023 No  
Hamish Dean Consents Team Leader Bay of Plenty Regional Council     31 December 2023 No  
Hamish Lampp Director Premier Planning Central North Island Planning 31 December 2022 No  
Hamish Lowe Independent Commissioner Lowe Environmental Impact Limited Nationwide Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, water takes, waste discharges, subdivisions 30 June 2023 Yes  
Hamish Rennie Independent Commissioner Eclectic Energy Nationwide, Waikato, Bay of Plenty Regions Coastal and marine Planning and resource management (especially aquaculture, marinas, reefs), tourism facilities, social science, Environmental impact assessment, common pool resources and co-management 30 June 2024 No  
Hamish Smith Senior Resource Officer Waikato Regional Council Waikato  Regulatory processes for a broad range of activities associsated with agricultural and primary industries 30 June 2025 No  
Hannah Goslin Senior Resource Management Consultant Incite (Christchurch) Ltd Nationwide Planning, Resource Consenting and regional policy planning 31 December 2023 No  
Hannah Payne-Harker Senior Planner Harrison Grierson Wellington region Environmental and Natural Resource Planning and Consenting 31 December 2025 No

021 651 307


Hans Versteegh Manager Marlborough District Council Nationwide RMA Regional and district 31 December 2025 Yes  
Harriet Fraser Consultant Traffic Engineer and Transportation Planner Harriet Fraser Engineering and Transportation Planning Nationwide  Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning  31 December 2025 No  

Haupai Puke

Senior Lecturer

University of Waikato

    30 June 2024 No  

Hayley Brunel


Tauranga City Council

    30 June 2024 No  
Hayley Lawrence Independent Commissioner   Napier   31 December 2027 No  
Heike Lutz Building Conservation Consultant BCon Consultants Ltd Nationwide Architecture, Building Conservation, Cultural heritage, Historic heritage, Sustainability, Urban design 31 December 2025 No  
Helen Anderson Technical Director - Planning GHD Limited Nationwide Resource management, local and regional planning, resource consents, EEZ 31 December 2025 No  
Helen Atkins Partner Atkins Holm Majurey Nationwide Law 31 December 2024 Yes  
Helen Brown   Environment Southland     30 June 2023 No  
Helen Creagh Consents Manager Bay of Plenty Regional Council     30 June 2026 No  
Helen Hamilton (nee Webb) Principal, Environment and Planning Aurecon Nationwide—particularly Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu and Wellington All Planning, including Consenting, Designations, Policy and Plan Preparation, Major Infrastructure, Water and Wastewater, Landfills, Contamination, Coastal Consents, Discharges, Historic Heritage, Land Development, Consultation and Iwi Engagement 31 December 2023 No  
Helen Kerr Director Te Waihanga/Infrastructure Commission Wellington, Auckland and nationwide Infrastructure projects, civil engineering, transportation, urban design, bridges, design management, project planning, detailed design, construction, construction impacts including noise, vibration, and dust, financial management, risk management, stakeholder engagement, environmental management, government process and policy, commercial law 30 June 2025 No

021 229 6276


Helen Mellsop Director and landscape architect Helen Mellsop Landscape Architect Nationwide Landscape architecture, Landscape planning 31 December 2025 No  
Henry Weston Independent Consultant Weston Consulting Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Law, Planning, Natural Resource Management and Conservation, Treaty of Waitangi 30 June 2024 No  
Henry Winchester Senior Planner Environment Canterbury Canterbury Planning and resource management, mainly regional policy and planning and resource consents, including waste activities, discharges, water, agricultural activities, and air. 31 December 2024 No  
Hilary Lennox Senior Consultant Ahikā Consulting Ltd Otago/Southland Environmental science, planning and regulation 30 June 2023 No  
Hilke Giles (Dr) Independent Commissioner Pisces Consulting Limited Nationwide, based in Hamilton Coastal and marine science, aquaculture, resource consents, policy and plan preparation and reviews 30 June 2025 No

027 448 8856


Hinemoa Dixon Senior Employment Mediator Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment - Hiikina Whakatutuki Hamilton  Has worked in dispute and conflict resolution situations, with confidence managing matters requiring cultural considerations to be observed including te reo and tikanga Maaori. Other skills: effective communication, facilitation, problem solving and enjoys working with people.   31 December 2026 No Email 
Hira Huata Tohunga Taiao me Te Wai o Ngāti Kahungunu Tātau Tāuta o Te Wairoa Te Wairoa, Hastings, Hawkes Bay Lecturer of Te Kōhanga Reo for the National Te Kōhanga Reo Trust, Mātanga Reo – Reo expert of Ngāti Kahungunu, Tohunga o Te Wai me Te Taiao 30 June 2025 No

027 934 0221


Hiram Garcia Senior Consultant/Contract Manager Golder Associates NZ Ltd Auckland and Canterbury Contaminated Land 31 December 2022 No  
Hoani Langsbury Senior Ecologist Ngaio House South Island Expertise in both ecological and Iwi matters. Excellent understanding of Treaty obligations as it relates to the RMA. Primarily provided advice and been a decision maker in relation to marine and freshwater discharges and abstractions. 30 June 2027 No

027 430 6025


Hugh Keane Programme Manager Waikato Regional Council   Infrastructure 30 June 2026 No  
Hugh Leersnyder Independent Commissioner   Nationwide District and Regional planning and environmental management. Infrastructure; Soil and water management; Stormwater; Earthworks; Coastal planning 30 June 2027 Yes

 021 656 361


Hugh Thorpe (Dr) Independent Commissioner Independent Nationwide Groundwater science. Environmental science. A fair understanding of Te Ao Maori. Have passed SC in Te Reo. 30 June 2023 No  
Huia Huata         31 December 2025 No  
Ian Bayliss Senior Associate Barker & Associates Queenstown, Central Otago and wider South Island experience Main expertise is in plan making, notice of requirement recommendations and resource consent decisions with 20+ years’ experience as a policy manager, planning witness, spatial plan project lead and team manager for councils and the private sector. 31 December 2025 No Email
Ian Boothroyd Senior Principal, Senior Ecologist Boffa Miskell Ltd Auckland Environmental impact assessments, water and ecology management, environmental monitoring and management plans, Expert Witness and Independent Mediation 30 June 2026 Yes  
Ian Carstens         31 December 2024 No  
Ian Goldschmidt Independent Commissioner   National Large scale industrial/major infrastructure developments, Design and operational understanding of wastewater treatment plants, nutrient management for land systems, land contamination, stormwater treatment and design, water take and discharges to air (gas, coal and particulate). 31 December 2024 No

027 274 2809


Ian Leary Independent Commissioner Spencer Holmes Consultants Lower North Island Planning, survey and land development. 30 June 2026 No  
Ian Mayhew Technical Director, Policy & Planning 4Sight Consulting (part of SLR) Nationwide, predominantly North Island 

Natural resource/freshwater management, urban land development (stormwater, wastewater, contaminated land management etc), major infrastructure

31 December 2027 No

021 544 577


Ian Millner Senior Advisor Rural Directions Advisory Services Ltd Nationwide Land management, Nutrient management, Catchment modelling, Policy analysis, Agriculture, Freshwater management, farm planning, AEE, community resilience, Landscape Analysis. 31 December 2025 No  
Ian Munro Independent Commissioner Urbanism Plus Limited   Urban Design, Strategic Planning, and Resource Management 30 June 2023 No  
Ina Kara-France Kaitohutohu Māori - Matua (Senior Advisor – Māori) WSP New Zealand Ltd


Mātauranga Māori, Cultural Values, Sights of Significance, Te Mana o Te Wai, Iwi Consultation, Iwi Environmental Management Planning, Cultural Impact Assessments and Mana Whenua Māori Landowner Advocate.

Resource Consent Pre-Hearing, Hearing and Environment Court Appeal Negotiation. Environment Court; and Future Development Strategy Hearing Panel Iwi Representative experience.

30 June 2025 No

027 311 4675



Iván Eiroa Santamarina


Urban Planner, Urban Designer and Registered Architect.

Urbanhub Aotearoa Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington / Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, Tamaki Makaurau Auckland, Ōtautahi Christchurch. All Aotearoa.

RMA Planning, Urban Design and Architecture:Planning and Resource Management, District & Regional planning, Land use and Transport Integration, Urban development, Urban design, Spatial Planning, Special Character, Built and Cultural heritage, Building Conservation and Architecture.

31 December 2024 No

021 0838 6636


Jack McConchie Independent Commissioner WSP New Zealand Limited Waikato to Marlborough Hydrology,Groundwater, Land Use Impacts, Environmental Science, Flood Hazard and Risk Assessment 30 June 2024 No  
Jack Turner Director | Engineer | Planner Tektus Consultants Limited Auckland Field of expertise (250 Characters or less) Expertise in civil and environmental engineering, in tandem with environmental planning, and with specialisation in water sensitive design. 31 December 2023 No  
Jacky Bartley Director/Principal Planner Bartley Planning Ltd Nationwide Strategic Planning, Unitary and District Plan Reviews, Plan Changes, Resource Consents, Treaty of Waitangi. 30 June 2024 No  
Jacob Steens Senior Consents Planner Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Planning 31 December 2026 No

027 738 7405


Jacqui Robson Senior Engineer Vision Consulting Engineers Ltd Auckland, Northland Engineering: transport planning, traffic, road safety and road construction; stormwater, water and wastewater planning; stormwater treatment and discharge; water treatment and supply; wastewater treatment and discharge; parks and recreation planning 31 December 2022 No  
Jacqui Todd Principal Consents Planner Canterbury Regional Council Canterbury region Planning 30 June 2026 No  
Jade McRae   Environment Southland     30 June 2023 No  
Jade Wikaira Tumu Whakarae Wikaira Consulting Limited Wellington, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Central North Island Strategic Policy: RM reform policy consultant; Three Waters consultant
Resource Management Planning: Reviews of regional policy statements; district plan reviews.
Working with mana whenua, hapu, marae
Engagement in resource management settings
31 December 2027 No  
James Clark Compliance Manager Marlborough District Council   Compliance, Enforcement Ta and Regional councils 31 December 2022 No  
James Gardner-Hopkins Barrister   Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hawkes’ Bay, Queenstown Legal aspects of consenting, including notification (and identifying risks for consent authorities); as to subject matter, major projects, Maori legal issues, development, conservation, coastal, plan changes, process and procedure. 31 December 2026 Yes

021 277 1425


James Whetu Director and Principal Planner Whetū Consultancy Group Waikato, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki

Planning and Policy; Māori Planning / Māori in Resource Management; Te Ao Māori

31 December 2023 No  Email
Jan Caunter Director Jan Caunter Ltd Nationwide Resource management law (land use, subdivision and regional consents), Designations, Waste management, Contaminated sites, Applications under COVID-10 Recovery (Fast-Track) Consenting Act 2020. 31 December 2026 Yes

021 635 984


Jan Sedgwick Independent Commmissioner   North Island, particularly wider Waikato region PDP, Resource Consents, Iwi tikanga lens 31 December 2027 Yes

021 804 749


Jane Black   People + Places     30 June 2026 No  
Jane Kitson (Dr) Company Director Kitson Consulting Ltd Southland, South Island Environmental Science (water quality), human ecology, and mahinga kai 31 December 2022 No  
Jane Macartney Consultant Town Planner  Tollemache Consultants Limited


Resource consents, plan changes and designations. Recently completed s42A hearing reports for the Proposed Waikato District Plan (Industrial Zone, Heavy Industrial Zone, Designations, Landscapes, Rural subdivision – transferable development rights, rezoning requests at Te Kauwhata). 31 December 2026 No

027 206 9905


Jane Morrell         31 December 2025 No  
Jane Sherard Trustee / Director Ngati Whatua o Kaipara Nationwide with emphasis on North Island Tai Tokerau, Kaipara ki Mahurangi, Tamaki Makaurau and South Island Nelson Marlborough down to Christchurch. Integrated catchment management, land use research, and experience in balancing Te Ao Maori and environmental western science practices. Prior engagement with utilities infrastructure providers across Tamaki Makaurau to Northland. Experience in gaining collaborative engagement to achieve reciprocal co-governance outcomes mitigating rural, coastal and river hazard challenges. 31 December 2025 No

022 355 2354


Jane Sinclair Independent Commissioner       30 June 2023 No  
Jane Taylor Independent Commissioner       30 June 2026 Yes  
Jane Whyte Resource Manager Response Planning Consultants Limited     30 June 2023 Yes  
Janeen Kydd-Smith Director & Principal Planner Sage Planning (HB) Limited Hawke’s Bay Region, Gisborne Region Environmental Planner, policy analysis and formulation, district plan preparation and review, hearing decision writing, resource consents (district and regional), renewable energy projects. 31 December 2026 Yes

021 511 833


Janette Campbell Barrister Bankside Chambers Nationwide   31 December 2025 Yes

021 446 585


Janette Dovey Director/Principal Planner/Commissioner Bellbird Consulting Group Limited Christchurch and Canterbury Planning and Resource Management - Consents and Policy/Plan Changes. Decision-making under other legislation, ie HASHAA, CERA, LGA (bylaws), EPA Covid Fast-track consenting 31 December 2027 No Email
Janice Carter Planner URS New Zealand Limited Nationwide, South Island, Christchurch. Resource Management Planning-policy, Plans, Statutory and Strategic Planning 30 June 2023 Yes  
Janine Bell Associate Partner, Planner, Managing Principal Boffa Miskell Limited Auckland Statutory planning and district plan preparation, urban, transport and strategic planning and projects, Local Authority management, independent hearing commissioner 30 June 2023 Yes  
Jared Pettersson Director  Enviser Ltd Nationwide  Coasts and ports, contaminated land, infrastructure, stormwater  31 December 2025 No

021 679 838


Jasmine Mitchell Team Leader – Consents Horizons Regional Council Manawatu-Whanganui  Planning 31 December 2026 No

06 952 2898


Jason Evans Director ET Urban Design Ltd Auckland, Kaipara, Northland Urban Design, Character assessments, Town Planning, Building Conservation 31 December 2027 No

 027 756 4359


Jason Jones Independent Commissioner Resource Management Group Ltd Nationwide Policy planning; District, Unitary and Regional Plan making and plan changes; resource consents and designations; informal mediation and facilitation. 31 December 2026 Yes

021 079 8357


Jason Smith Environmental Scientist Morphum Environmental Limited Primarily Auckland Environmental Science 31 December 2023 No  
Jason Ward Manager, Planning & Development Solutions Rotorua Lakes Council     31 December 2025 No  
Jayne Macdonald Partner Mactodd South Island Planning and law 31 December 2025 Yes


Jeff Farrell Manager Strategic Projects Whakatane District Council   Natural hazard risk management; climate change adaptation; strategic planning; resource consents; building development; contaminated sites 30 June 2027 No

 0274 536 248


Jeff Kemp Independent Commissioner Bay of Islands Planning Limited Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty Planning, Resource Management, Resource Consents, Coastal Consents 30 June 2023 No  
Jeff Smith Science Manager Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Hawke’s Bay Resource management science and planning 31 December 2024 No

021 544 933


Jenni Vernon Independent Commissioner JJ Consultants Limited     30 June 2023 Yes  
Jennie Smeaton   Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira Inc     30 June 2026 No  
Jennifer Green Senior Resource Management Planner Southland District Council Southland Resource Consenting 30 June 2023 No  
Jennifer Hayman Researcher Hayman Consulting Aotearoa NZ Archaeology, cultural heritage management 31 December 2024 Yes  
Jennifer Lancashire   Beca     31 December 2024 No  
Jennifer McGirr Independent Commissioner and RMA Practitioner   Nationwide RMA Planning, Resource Consent Compliance, Drinking Water Management and Compliance 31 December 2026 No

022 384 5130


Jennifer Valentine Technical Director - Planning 4Sight Consulting Ltd Auckland Planner - particular experience in preparation and processing of resource consents 30 June 2025 No

021 157 3143


Jenny Harrison Independent Commissioner WSP New Zealand Limited     31 December 2023 No  
Jenny Ross Team Leader Consents Otago Regional Council Otago Consents 31 December 2023 No  
Jenny Simpson Senior Environmental Engineer Tonkin & Taylor Limited Nationwide Environmental Engineering, Air Quality 30 June 2023 No  
Jenny Tamakehu Hapu Representative Te Runanga o Tamaupoko Whanganui/Ruapehu Tangata whenua 31 December 2022 No  
Jerald Twomey Principal Advisor ManawatūDisrict Council Manawatū A Māori Policy, Tikanga and Mātauranga view point with experience working within Iwi, Hapū and Marae, as well as for Regional and District Council. 30 June 2027 No

 027 206 0031


Jeremy Brophy Director Flint Planning Limited Taranaki, Waikato, Whanganui Regions Resource Management Planning, Environmental Assessment 30 June 2027 No

027 224 4486


Jeremy Phillips Director & Senior Planner Novo Group Limited Christchurch, Selwyn & Waimakariri Districts Land use planning, including resource consents and plan changes. Specific experience in urban development, including commercial, institutional, large scale residential/intensification and transportation matters. Sole Commissioner and/or Panel member 30 June 2027 Yes

03 365 5570


Jerry van Lier Policy Analyst Ministry for the Environment Wellington   31 December 2024 No  
Jesse Burgess Planning Manager Selwyn District Council Christchurch City and Selwyn District Strategic Planning Policy and Resource Consents 30 June 2023 No  
Jessica Phillips Senior Analyst Ministry for the Environment Nationwide Resource Management — national direction, plan-making, resource consents 30 June 2023 No  
Jessica Riddell Senior Environmental Advisor/Solicitor Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Christchurch Resource management and local government law; resource consents and designations; iwi engagement; climate change 31 December 2025 No

027 632 9646


Jill Sheehy Independent Commissioner Whanganui District Council/Te Runanga o Tupoho Whanganui   30 June 2026 Yes  
Jim Bradley Independent Commissioner MWH New Zealand Limited     30 June 2023 No  
Jim Cooke (Dr) Independent Commissioner   Nationwide Environmental Science (40+ years experience) particularly water quality (freshwater and marine) and ecology, water quantity (allocation), soils, point sources, diffuse sources, cumulative effects.  31 December 2025 No

021 738 587


Jinty MacTavish Principal Policy Advisor Dunedin City Council     30 June 2024 No  
Jo Cavanagh Research Priority Area Leader/Research scientist Manaaki-Whenua National, physically located in Christchurch Environmental toxicology and chemistry/effects arising from anthropogenic chemical contamination, primarily focussed on soils 31 December 2022 No  
Jo Cranswick Consents Planner Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Water take and use, Wastewater discharges, Instream structures and works 31 December 2023 No  
Jo Gould   Department of Conservation     31 December 2023 No  
Jo-Anne Cook-Munro Policy and Planning Manager, Governance and Strategy Thames Coromandel District Council Waikato, Thames-Coromandel and South Waikato Resource management law and policy environmental law and policy, iwi environmental policy, transport law and policy. 31 December 2022 No  
Joanna Gilroy   Environment Southland     31 December 2025 No  
Joanna Noble Principal/Director Noble Planning Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay Planning, focus on coastal and freshwater management, but a range of experience 31 December 2023 No  
Joanne Lewis Independent Commissioner Lewis Consultancy Limited     30 June 2026 No

027 446 0386


John Childs Consultant   North Auckland, Auckland Region, Waikato, Bay of Plenty District and Regional Planning, Coastal Planning 30 June 2023 No  
John Gwilliam Lawyer Main Street Legal     31 December 2023 Yes  
John Hudson Independent Commissioner Hudson Associates Nationwide  Landscape and visual 30 June 2026 Yes

021 324 409


John Iseli Independent Commissioner Specialist Environmental Services Nationwide Air quality science 30 June 2024 Yes  
John Maassen Lawyer Cooper Rapley Limited     30 June 2023 Yes  
John McLean         31 December 2024 No  
John Milligan Independent Commissioner, Barrister   Nationwide, South Island Resource management and Local Government Law 30 June 2023 Yes  
John Olliver Principal Project Planner Bloxam Burnett and Olliver Ltd Bay of Plenty, Waikato Urban growth and structure planning for both local authorities and private developers. Large scale infrastructure projects including notices of requirement for the Huntly and Ngaruawahia sections of the Waikato Expressway. Policy development and subsequent plan changes. Resource consent applications. 30 June 2027 No

0274 822637


John Parlane Independent Engineer and Economist Parlane & Associates Ltd Nationwide Traffic engineering, Infrastructure, urban and transportation planning. 31 December 2023 No  
John Rapana Independent Commissioner Ngāti Mākino Iwi Authority Waiaraki/Bay of Plenty Environmental Management, Resource Consents, Water Quality, Mātauranga Māori, Iwi Management, Cultural Monitoring. 31 December 2023 No  
John Roberts Statutory Manager Department of Conservation Inland Otago Tourism Development Proposals 31 December 2025 No  
John Sule Senior Planner Dunedin City Council     31 December 2026 No  
Joinella Maihi-Carroll Trustee Mana Ahuriri Trust Napier - Hawkes Bay, Hastings Administration and Management Negotiation 30 June 2023 No  
Jonathan Clease Partner Planz Consultants Ltd Canterbury 

Urban growth, spatial planning, and urban regeneration matters and the District Plan policy and zone frameworks. Experience with preparing large-scale resource consent applications for commercial, medium density, and tourism projects. A pragmatic approach to both policy and consent processes and decision-making.

31 December 2026 No  
Jonathan Shaw Manager Planning and Building Services Invercargill City Council Invergargill/Southland Planning and Building 30 June 2023 No  
Jorge Rodriguez Technical Lead - Planning GHD Waikato

Resource consents related to soil disturbance activities, infrastructure works, mining and quarries,  state highways, landfills, cleanfill and managed fills.

31 December 2024 No  
Joy Comrie   Department of Conservation     31 December 2026 No  
Jude Pani Democracy Manager Hamilton City Council   Democratic process, community engagement 30 June 2023 No  
Judene Edgar     Nelson   31 December 2023 No Email
Judith Batchelor Independent Commissioner Hurunui District Council Canterbury Planning 30 June 2026 No  
Judith Earl-Goulet General Manager - Regulatory Services Environment Canterbury Christchurch Over 15 years of experience in working in Local Government in roles related to the implementation and leading of the implementation of work programmes to deliver on the requirements of the RMA. Over 5 years of experience as a tertiary educator in Environmental Management in New Zealand and overseas. 30 June 2025 No  
Judith Makinson Transportation Engineering Manager CKL Nationwide Traffic and Transportation 30 June 2023 No

022 685 5496


Julia Byrne Consents Planner Hawkes Bay Regional Council     31 December 2022 No  
Julia Wick Landscape Architect Boffa Miskell Limited Auckland Landscape Architecture, Landscape and Visual 31 December 2026 No  
Julia Williams Independent Commissioner Drakeford Williams Limited   Landscape planning and design, landscape and visual effects assessment. 31 December 2023 No  
Julian Ironside Independent Commissioner, Barrister     Resource Management/Local Government Law 31 December 2023 Yes  
Juliane Chetham Independent Commissioner Chetham Consulting Ltd Nationwide Planning, environmental science, geography, coastal and marine ecology and management, cultural Impact Assessment, Tikanga Maori, Matauranga Maori 31 December 2023 No  
Julie Shepherd Senior Māori- Environmental Planner and Resource Management Independent Consultant Manaaki Taiao Ltd Western Bay of Plenty District, Tauranga City, Bay of Plenty Region Planning, from a Maori perspective to negotiate outcomes of conditions of consent and their implementation of augier agreements 30 June 2027 No  
Julie Bevan Manager Policy and Planning Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Statutory planning, regional and district plan preparation, resource consents. 30 June 2023 No  
Julie Geange Partner, Independent Commissioner I Could Do That Consulting Nationwide, based in Wellington Local Government, Regional and District Plan Development 31 December 2023 Yes  
Justine Ashley Director Planz Consultants Limited Christchurch  Planning and Policy: district plan reviews, strategic planning, urban growth, plan changes, resource consents, rural issues and activities.  31 December 2026 Yes

027 285 9458


Justine Bray Independent Commissioner WSP New Zealand Limited Auckland, Nationwide Planning, designations, social impact assessment 31 December 2023 Yes  
Justine Quinn Senior Freshwater Scientist Tonkin & Taylor Ltd Auckland based, but have worked in other parts of NZ. Freshwater science (water quality and ecology), freshwater management, urban land development (streamworks, stormwater), ecology, environmental impact assessments, environmental monitoring and management plans 31 December 2025 No  
Karen Baverstock Principal Planner Tonkin & Taylor Ltd Auckland, Northland, Waikato Planning, Coastal Planning, Infrastructure and Industry, regional consenting 31 December 2024 No  
Karen Coutts Representative Te Rūnanga o Moeraki Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Nationwide Matauranga Māori, tikanga, māna whenua, Māori - Iwi - hapū, HSNO - as understood by Māori 30 June 2027 No  
Karen Mitchell Kaitātari Taiao Ngā Waihua o Paerangi Trust     31 December 2022 No  
Karen Price Lawyer Price Consulting Nationwide Law; resource management policy, plans, consents, designations; climate change; mining; water; coastal; Treaty of Waitangi; infrastructure; advanced mediator; restorative justice 30 June 2027 Yes

021 680 301


Karyn Kurzeja Director Purpose Planning Auckland Region Rural Subdivision, Urban Subdivision, Greenfield Subdivision, Coastal Land Development, Integrated Housing Developments, as well as Residential, Retail and Commercial land uses. 31 December 2025 Yes  
Karyn Sinclair Independent Commissioner Sinclair Environmental Limited     31 December 2023 Yes  
Kasey Bellamy Pou Taiao / Environmental Policy Advisor Te Kotahitanga o Te Atiawa Trust Ngāmotu / New Plymouth Planning 30 June 2025 No  
Kataraina O'Brien Staff Member Bay of Plenty Regional Council     31 December 2025 No  
Kate McArthur Practice Leader - Water Quality The Catalyst Group     31 December 2025 Yes  
Kate Searle Principal Planner Boffa Miskell Wellington, lower North Island Planning and resource management, including district and regional plan making, resource consents 30 June 2025 No Email
Katerina Pihera-Ridge  Independent Commissioner Scion Research  Bay of Plenty Resource & Environmental Planning, Mana o te Wai, Mana o Te Taiao, Cultural Impact Management, Climate Change, Biosecurity, Biodiversity 31 December 2023 No  
Katherine Kaue   Bay of Plenty Regional Council     30 June 2024 No  

Katherine Luketina

Independent Commissioner


Regional Policy and Plan development, regional consenting matters, critical analysis of scientific and technical evidence, geothermal energy, geophysics.

30 June 2024


021 043 7668


Katherine  Trought

Director, Strategy & Planning

Environment Canterbury Christchurch

Strategy development and RMA

30 June 2025


Kathryn St Amand Director & Planning Consultant Private consultancy Wellington, Queenstown Lakes (Wanaka) Regulatory planning; utilities/infrastructure, district plan policy, subdivision, and land use planning. 31 December 2025 No

021 149 4051


Kathy Mason Environmental Consultant  Allegrow Rural Environmental Specialists Bay of Plenty/Waikato    31 December 2023 No

027 256 4288


Katia Fraser Special Counsel RiceSpeir Nationwide Law, Resource Management, planning, environmental. 31 December 2023 No  
Katrina Brunton Planning and Regulatory Consultant Regulatory Solutions Nationwide RMA Planning and Policy Development, RMA Consenting, Local Government, Local Government Regulatory processes, Mediation and Facilitation. 31 December 2026 No  
Katrina Ellis Senior Planner The Property Group Nationwide Planning 31 December 2023 No

027 347 0288


Katy Dimmendaal Senior Planner Thames-Coromandel District Council Coromandel Land use, Subdivision and Designations 30 June 2027 No  
Kay Booth Independent Commissioner Lindis Consulting Limited     30 June 2026 No  
Keita Kohere       30 June 2023 No  
Keith Hamill Director River Lake Ltd New Zealand, Nationwide Aquatic ecology and water quality 30 June 2023 No  
Kelly May Independent Commissioner Independent Nelson/Marlborough/Wellington Fisheries, Aquaculture, Māori Perspectives 31 December 2026 No  
Kelly Walker Senior Consents Planner Environment Canterbury South Canterbury Process consents and provide recommendations on mainly: Ground and surface water take and use, s9 earthworks, discharges including single site wastewater and territorial authority wastewater treatment plants. 31 December 2024 No

03 367 7345


Kelvyn Eglinton Director Eglinton Consulting Waikato/ Bay of Plenty/ Manawatu-Whanganui, Central North Island Corporate social responsibility, minerals and mining sectors, growth planning and strategy, civic infrastructure projects. 30 June 2023 No  
Ken Fletcher Independent Resource Management Commissioner   Canterbury Economics, Modelling, Retail, Trade Competition, Housing Affordability, Mediation, Dispute Resolution 31 December 2026 Yes

027 452 9852


Ken Gimblett Planner Boffa Miskell Limited Christchurch Statutory planning and policy preparation, Independent hearing commissioner, plan development and administration, project evalusation and effects assessments, resource consents, urban planning 31 December 2023 Yes  
Ken Lawn Independent Commissioner Independent Commissioner Canterbury Resource management planning, local government operational management 31 December 2022 No  
Kendra Monteith Consents Planner Hawkes Bay Regional Council Hawkes Bay Resource consents, Environmental Planning 30 June 2024 No  
Kenny Macdonald Team Leader Resource Consents Queenstown Lakes District Council Queenstown Lakes District Resource Consents 31 December 2025 No  
Keri Johnston Principal Consultant, Director Irricon Resource Solutions Limited Canterbury, Otago and Southland Natural resources engineering, surface and groundwater hydrology, water and nutrient allocation frameworks. 31 December 2026 No Email 
Keri Ropiha Board Trustee

Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust;
Heretaunga Tamatea Pou Tahua Director;
HBRC Regional Planning Committee;
East Coast Hawke's Bay Conservation Board
Aramoana; Environmental and Education Charitable Trust


Hawkes Bay Strategic Planning and Management, Policy development and implementation, change management, engagement specialist, Matauranga maori, Te Tiriti; Bachelor of Applied Management with Distinction 31 December 2025 No

027 482 1247


Kereana Naera-Sims

Founder & CEO

KdOBay Consulting

Nationwide, based in the Wairarapa Upholding Principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi; Valuing Te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori; Iwi, hāpu and whānau engagement; Te Mana o te Wai; Te Mana o te Taiao; Govt policy; Civil/Environmental; Engineering; Urban development; 3Waters; Infrastructure; Flood Protection 31 December 2025 No

027 220 4651


Kerstin Strauss

Team Leader Consents – Coastal Otago

Otago Regional Council

Auckland, Otago District and regional consents, unitary authority ‘bundled’ consents; particularly heritage, urban design, traffic, noise/ vibration, subdivision, large-scale earthworks, wastewater, contamination, coastal 30 June 2024 No  
Kim Hardy Group Director Environment New Zealand AECOM New Zealand Nationwide Regional and District Consents, Infrastructure, Commercial and Residential Development, Resource use and allocation including water, Plan Changes, Designations. 30 June 2027 Yes

 021 544 856


Kim Lawson Strategic Planner Marlborough District Council Marlborough Legal, resource consents, policy and plans 31 December 2025 No

021 607 145


Kim Seaton Independent Commissioner Novo Group Limited South Island Planning 30 June 2024 Yes  
Kim Smith Senior Policy Advisor Rotorua Lakes Council Bay of Plenty and Gisborne Regional and District plan development and natural hazards. 31 December 2024 No  
Kirsten Tebbutt Resource Management Consultant Mitchell Daysh Limited     30 June 2026 No  
Kirstin McDonald Iwi Member Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi Whanganui Taranaki Cultural and Environmental 31 December 2022 No  
Kirstyn Royce Senior Planner Dunedin City Council Dunedin Resource consents 30 June 2024 Yes  
Kitt Littlejohn Independent Commissioner Self-employed barrister  Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki Resource management and planning law and procedure; resource consents (district and regional); land-use, urban and natural environment planning (plan changes; variations); designations; coastal; s357 objections.  30 June 2024 Yes

021 657 376


Koreene Henry Cracknell Te Ikaroa Rangatahi Services (Pou Amo) Heretaunga Tamatea Settlement Trust  Hastings, Hawkes Bay  Social Service 31 December 2025  No

022 635 7894


Kura Stafford He Pou Taiao Ngāti Tama ki Te Waipounamu Trust Nelson, Tasman region RMA Planning, environmental management, Mātauranga Māori, Cultural attributes and activities. 30 June 2026 No  
Lacey Bragg   Environment Southland     30 June 2023 No  
Lachlan Muldowney   Barrister Nationwide RMA/ Local Government/Public Law 30 June 2026 No  
Laura Swan Senior Resource Planner Haines Planning Consultants Limited     30 June 2024 No  
Lauren Semple Partner Greenwood Roche South Island predominately but work nationally Resource Management Law 31 December 2025 No  
Lauren Wallace Partner Govett Quilliam New Plymouth RMA/Local Government Lawyer  30 June 2025 No

 06 768 3712


Laurence Dolan Independent Commissioner Independent Commissioner Nationwide Resource Consents, particularly in respect of discharges and waste management and disposal facilities 30 June 2027 No

027 521 5339


Leana Shirley Consents Planner Horizons Regional Council   Planning 30 June 2026 No  
Lee Beattie Independent Commissioner Town Planning and Design Limited     30 June 2024 Yes  
Lee Sampson Director Habitus Group Christchurch Project Planning, Management Land and Development Management 30 June 2026 No  
Leigh Bull Senior Ecologist Boffa Miskell Wellington Ecological, environmental assessments, effects and environmental monitoring, ecological/scientific advice, peer reviewing 31 December 2022 No  
Leigh McGregor Independent Commissioner   Nationwide Lawyer, full time Hearings Commissioner with more than 25 years experience as chair of regional and district planning and resource management hearings. 30 June 2023 Yes  
Les Simmons Independent Commissioner L J Simmons Limited Nationwide, Upper North Island Planning and resource management, chair of hearings panels 30 June 2023 Yes  
Lesley Jenkins Local Area Manager. Local Board Services Auckland Council Auckland, Northland

Governance, planning (Resource Management), reserve management

30 June 2027 No

021 566 826


Lianne Dalziel Independent Commissioner   Christchurch Qualified lawyer, with significant experience in different types of hearings with over 30 years in central and local government. 30 June 2024 No  
Liane Ngamane Member Independent Maori Statutory Board Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions Kaupapa Maori and Planning 31 December 2025 No  
Lilian Harley Director/Consultant Allegrow Limited Bay of Plenty, Gisborne Environmental Consulting, Water quantity, Water quality, Nutrient Management. 30 June 2027 No

021 378 308


Linda Kerkmeester Principal - Consultant Linda Kerkmeester Lanscape Architects Wellington Landscape Design and Site Planning; Landscape Planning and Visual Assessment; Landscape Mitigation and Contract Administration; Project experience includes large scale infrastructure (eg roading) and subdivision planning and design 30 June 2027 No

 0274 494 424


Linda Te Aho Tribal Member University of Waikato     31 December 2025 Yes  
Lindsay Daysh Independent Commissioner Incite Central New Zealand Consenting, policy development, designations, infrastructure, transportation 31 December 2023 Yes

027 502 0779


Lisa Gibellini Planning Advisor Nelson City Council   Planning Subdivision and Land Development 30 June 2026 No  
Lisa Hayes Principal Advisor, Planning Wellington City Council Wellington Planning 31 December 2027 No  
Lisa Mein Independent Commissioner Mein Urban Design and Planning Ltd Auckland Urban Design, Heritage, Planning 30 June 2024 No  
Liz Curry (Dr) Technical Director - Ecology Tonkin & Taylor Ltd Nationwide Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment 31 December 2026 No

027 568 1995


Liz Gavin Director, Landscape Planner Canopy NZ Ltd Nelson/ Tasman based; New Zealand wide Landscape and visual effects assessment, rural and coastal landscape assessment; landscape classification (RMA Section 6 and 7 landscapes) and landscape related policy. 31 December 2022 No  
Liz Lambert Planning and Resource Management Consultant Domus Consulting Hawke’s Bay-based; Nationwide Regional and district policy development and planning, regional and district resource consents; spatial and transport planning; mediation and facilitation. 31 December 2023 No

027 428 5618


Lochiel McKellar Planner Environment Canterbury Canterbury Regional and Policy Planning 31 December 2022 No  
Logan Brown Freshwater and Partnerships Manager Horizons District Council Based in Palmerston North, work nationally Freshwater ecology, water quality including rivers and lakes 31 December 2027 No

 021 22 77 090


Loretta Lovell Director Lovell and Associates Ltd Nationwide Legal, resource consents, policy statements, plan changes, reviews, designations. Decisions involving natural resources, SNA's, ecology, freshwater, infrastructure, energy, farming, nutrients, housing development, heritage, Te Ao Maori matters. 30 June 2027 Yes

 04 527 0925


Lou Wickham Independent Commissioner Emission Impossible Ltd Nationwide Industrial/Technical Consents, National Environmental Standards, Air Quality 31 December 2025 No  
Louise Mischewski Ringa Tāhūhū Te Rarawa     31 December 2023 No  
Louise Taylor Director Taylor Planning Primarily South Island Resource Consents – regional and landuse, Designations, District and Regional Plans and Infrastructure, Ports, Landscape, Water, Discharges, Subdivision, Education, Hospitals, Retirement Villages, Mixed Use Developments 30 June 2027 Yes

027 230 4525


Lucie Desrosiers Principal Advisor City Design & Place Planning Wellington City Council Wellington Land use and transport integration, Urban design, Masterplanning, Transport infrastructure 31 December 2024 No  
Lucy Cooper Independent Commissioner Planalytics Nationwide Resource consents, plan changes, and policy research and development across a range of topics including water quantity and quality, biodiversity, land transport, network utilities, hazardous substances, and residential and rural development. 30 June 2024 No  
Lucy Holden Senior Consents Planner Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Planning  31 December 2026 No  
Luke McSoriley Independent Commissioner WSP New Zealand Limited Southland Planning Policy and Resource Consents 30 June 2027 Yes  
Lydia Hayward   Environment Southland     31 December 2022 No  
Lyn Carmichael Senior Planner Environment Canterbury     31 December 2022 No  
Lynette Wharfe Consultant The Agribusness Group Nationwide Regional and district plan development, Rural 31 December 2025 No  
Lynley Newport    


Northland Environmental Management (General) 31 December 2023 No  
Malcolm Green Independent Commissioner/Consultant  

RMA Science

Nationwide Estuarine, coastal and marine science 30 June 2024  No  
Malcolm Miller Consents Manager Hawke's Bay Regional Council Hawke's Bay  Resource Management, Consents and Planning 31 December 2026 No  
Mandy Bishop Manager Consents and Compliance Nelson City Council Nelson RMA consenting and monitoring 31 December 2024 No  
Maramena Vercoe General Manager Te Runanga o Ngati Manawa Waiariki, Waikato Environmental connection – whanau, hapu, iwi. Matauranga Maori and ancestral knowledge transfer. Awareness of and role of relationships – people, the environment. Governance and management. Cultural foundations. Life balance and wellbeing. 31 December 2025 No  
Marcia Christian   Bay of Plenty Regional Council     30 June 2024 No  
Marcus Roy Team Leader - Resource Management Southland District Council Southland Resource consents and Policy hearings 30 June 2023 No  
Ma-rea Clayton Independent Commissioner    Te Wai Pounamu (South Island) Maori – Cultural and Tikanga
Natural Resource Management
Economic Development RMA
District and Regional Policy, Plan, and reviews plan changes and variations
Resource Consents and Plan Changes
Including major, infrastructure, discharges etc.
 30 June 2025  No

 027 499 4087


Marei Apatu Te Kaihautu Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga     31 December 2022 No  
Margaret Cousins         30 June 2023 Yes  
Margaret Ferguson Policy Planner – Resource Management Southland District Council Invercargill Resource consents, Policy Development 31 December 2024 No  
Margaret Rika-Heke (Makere) Iwi Representative Waikato-Tainui     31 December 2023 No  
Maria Bartlett Senior Policy Advisor Te Runanga of Ngai Tahu South Island Water management, RMA reform, Mining, Oil and Gas activities, EEZ Act and marine consent process 31 December 2027 No  
Maria Hokopaura Planner Te Kāhui o Taranaki Iwi     30 June 2024 No  
Marian Smith Partner Waa Rata Most Regions Historic Treaty of Waitangi Settlements 31 December 2023 No  
Marian Weaver Independent Commissioner Weaver Consulting Ltd Nationwide Natural resources. Water, discharges, coast, air 30 June 2024 Yes  
Mariana Waitai   Whanganui District Council     31 December 2025 No  
Marie Doole Practice Leader - Policy The Catalyst Group Nationwide Biodiversity management, Compliance monitoring and enforcement. 31 December 2022 No  
Marija Batistich Consultant Tomkins Wake Nationwide Planning, resource management Law 30 June 2024 No  
Mark Apeldoorn Practice Leader: Transport Advisory Stantec Nationwide  Traffic and Transportation   30 June 2024 No

021 960 402


Mark Ashby Independent Commissioner 4Sight Consulting Ltd  Nationwide District/Regional Policy, Plans and Plan Changes; Resource Consents: Land Use, Subdivision, Regional; Notices of Requirement for Designation; Renewable Energy; Sole Commissioner and/or Panel Member  30 June 2024 Yes  
Mark Brockelsby Council Staff Waikato Regional Council Waikato General resource management practitioner 31 December 2022 Yes  
Mark Chrisp Independent Commissioner Mitchell Daysh Limited     31 December 2025 No  
Mark Christensen Director Natural Resources Law Limited Nationwide Resource Management law and policy 31 December 2022 No  
Mark Dean Independent Commissioner   Tauranga, Western Bay of Plenty Extensive experience in Environmental Restoration. Have held a number of chair position on environmental trusts. Background in education and the nursery industry. including president of the NZ Nursery Industry Association. 31 December 2026 No

021 949 339


Mark Farnsworth MNZM Independent Commissioner Farnsworth Management Services Nationwide Coastal issues, Plan Changes, Notices of Requirement, Land use and Water allocation, Good understanding Maori and RMA, Aquaculture, Panel Chair 30 June 2023 Yes  
Mark Geddes Director Perspective Consulting Ltd South Island Consents, notice of requirements, district/regional plan changes/reviews, expert evidence, mediation, consultation, spatial planning, urban regeneration, planning research, submissions, enforcement, residential, commercial, heritage, Te Ao Māori 31 December 2024 No

027 948 6575


Mark Kearney Group Manager Terra Group NZ Limited Auckland, Christchurch Civil Engineer. CPEng, IntPE(NZ), FIPENZ 30 June 2024 No  
Mark Lowe Principal Scientist Morphum Environmental Ltd Auckland primarily, Waikato, Wellington and Nelson Ecology: (Wetland, Freshwater and Terrestrial); Ecological Impact Assessments; Biodiversity Offsetting; Ecological Management Plans and Enhancement Plans; Wetland delineation and stream classification; SEVs (Stream Ecological Valuations) . 31 December 2027 No  
Mark Peck Independent Commisssioner   Based in Wellington, familiar with the far South, Central Otago, Christchurch, and the Central North Island particularly around the volcanic plateau Expertise around problem solving largely from skills honed as a Member of Parliament (1993-2005) and as a city Councillor in Wellington (2013-2016) 31 December 2027 No

027 446 1650


Mark Row   Waikato Regional Council     31 December 2024 No  
Mark St Clair Independent Commissioner Hill Young Cooper Limited Nationwide District/Regional Policy, Plan Reviews and Plan changes; Resource Consents: Regional Consents; District Consents, Notices of Requirement/Designations; Chair and or Panel member and/or Commissioner Sole. 31 December 2023 Yes  
Mark Tamura Independent Commissioner   Nationwide

District and Regional Plan making and plan changes.

Particularly coastal management, natural heritage and biodiversity, strategic planning, rural land use and subdivision.
30 June 2024 No  
Mark Tollemache Town Planner/Director Tollemache Consultants Ltd North Island

Town Planning

30 June 2025 No

021 106 8991


Marlene Bosch Senior Consents Officer Bay of Plenty Regional Council   Industrial Sites, discharges (air, water and land), contaminated land 30 June 2026 No  
Martin Kennedy Independent Commissioner Westcoast Planning Limited     30 June 2023 Yes  
Martin Neale (Dr) Director and Scientist Puhoi Stour Limited Nationwide Environmental Science, Freshwater Ecology, Water Quality 30 June 2027 No

021 956 088


Martin Visser         31 December 2022 No  
Martin Williams Barrister Shakespeare Chambers     31 December 2025 Yes  
Mary Carmine         30 June 2023 Yes  
Mary Honey Senior Policy Manager Tasman District Council Nelson Urban and Rural and Biodiversity policy and plan development 31 December 2023 No  
Mary McConnell Senior Planner Harrison Grierson Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago Resource consent preparation and considering applications, notice of requirements, planning and resource management, plan reviews and plan changes, Exclusive Economic Zone applications, Fast Track Applications 30 June 2025 No

027 314 6935


Mary O'Callahan Planning Consultant GHD Limited Nationwide, based in Wellington Resource consents, district and regional plan review, infrastructure, coastal and urban development 30 June 2023 Yes  
Mary Pappon   Bay of Plenty Regional Council     31 December 2025 No  
Mathew Bell Senior Consents Planner Otago Regional Council Otago Planning 31 December 2025 No  
Matire Duncan Independent Commissioner Nga Potiki a Tamapahore Trust Bay of Plenty, Nationwide Te Ao Maori, tangata whenua community engagement, resource & heritage management & planning, iwi environmental management, consultant. 31 December 2023 No  
Matthew Bacon

Planning Manager

Waimakariri District Council


District and land use planning, urban design, subdivision (including post consent processes), consent process and pathways.

30 June 2024 No  
Matt Baber Principal Ecologist / Director Alliance Ecology Ltd Nationwide (located in Auckland) Terrestrial and Wetland Ecology including Ecological Assessment of Effects; Biodiversity Offsetting and Compensation; and Ecological Monitoring and Adaptive Management. 31 December 2026 No

027 589 5076


Matt Harrex Consents Team Leader Bay of Plenty Regional Council Bay of Plenty Regional consents 31 December 2023 No  
Matt Heale Senior Planner and Independent Commissioner The Property Group Nationwide Resource Management, local and regional planning, policy and plan development. Resource Consents. 31 December 2025 Yes  
Matt Hoggard Strategy, Policy and District Plan Manager Kaikoura District Council   Small Council Local Government Planning – Over 23 years of experience working in scall councils within the South Island.  Covering a range of planning process from plan changes and reviews to resource consent and designations. 30 June 2027 No

0272 428 314


Matt Muspratt Independent Commissioner Muspratt Consulting Ltd Nationwide Resource consents, land use, subdivision, designations, resource management policy, plan changes, section 32 analysis, technical peer review, natural hazards, ecological sites, housing, heritage, spatial planning. 31 December 2024 No Email 
Matt Riley

Senior Principal Urban Designer

Boffa Miskell Auckland Urban Design 31 December 2025 No

021 201 7781


Matt Smith Principal Consents Planner Environment Canterbury     31 December 2025 No  
Matthew Barbati-Ross   Ministry for the Environment     31 December 2024 No  
Matthew Byrne Director Babington and Associates (2004) Limited Auckland Earthworks & Streamworks, Erosion and Sediment Control and Streamworks Methodologies. Land Use Compliance. Stormwater Discharges. Contaminated Land Discharges. 30 June 2024 No  
Matthew Casey Barrister (Queen’s Counsel)  Matthew Casey QC Nationwide  Resource management, plan changes/reviews, resource consents (all), designations, Reserves Act, Local Government, DC objections  30 June 2026 Yes

021 375 113


Matthew Highway     Waikato Catchment management, Dairy farming, Biodiversity management, Land management 30 June 2024 No  
Matthew Holder New Zealand Planning Manager Development Nous Nationwide Town Planning/ Resource Management/Environmental 30 June 2026 No  
Matthew McCallum-Clark Planner Incite Nationwide Planning: Resource consents and water resource management (consents and plans) 31 December 2024 Yes  
Matthew Bonis Partner Planz Consultants Christchurch, Taupo, Nationwide Practicing for over 25 years for both territorial authorities and private clients. Particular expertise in commercial/retail planning and large scale developments. Experience includes resource consents, plan changes and designations for airport matters. 30 June 2027 No

021 796 670


Maurice Dale Senior Principal / Planner Boffa Miskell Limited Christchurch and the South Island RMA plan and policy development, resource consetns and assessment of environmental effects preparation, research and planning studies, expert planning witness 31 December 2025 No

027 801 8072


Maxine Day Co-ordinator: Urban and Rural Policy Development Tasman District Council Tasman, Hauraki Urban and rural policy development; plan making; Subdivision and Land-use consenting; mining 31 December 2024 No  
Maxine Moana-Tuwhangai Iwi Authority Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui     31 December 2025 Yes  
Megan Justice Associate Mitchell Daysh Limited Dunedin, Central Otago, Invercargill, Southland Land use planning 30 June 2026 No  
Megen McKay Independent Commissioner Megen McKay Consulting Limited Ngāi Tahu takiwā – Canterbury, Otago, Southland, West Coast (Canterbury region preferred) Law, Mātauranga Māori, Māori (Iwi, hapū, rūnanga) engagement and relationships, Strategic advisor, Business and Operations consultant 31 December 2024 No

027 331 5131


Mel Chow     Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Queenstown Planning, Resource Management, Urban design, Resource Consents, Private Plan Change, Public Plan Change, Master Plan, Area Plans 31 December 2025 No 021 861 031
Mel Sutherland         30 June 2023 No  
Melanie Taiaroa Senior Advisor, Māori Partnerships Group Hawkes Bay Regional Council Hawkes Bay/Napier Māori engagement, Policy and planning and legal background. 31 December 2023 No  
Melean Absolum Independent Commissioner Melean Absolum Limited Nationwide Landscape architecture, landscape assessment 31 December 2023 No  
Melissa King-Howell Ahu Whenua Trustee & Marae Reservation (Sec 439) Trustee Ngaati Maahanga Waikato Conservation, Te Ao Maori Tikanga and kawa 31 December 2025 No  
Merianne Orlowski

Independent Commissioner

Kaitiaki Solutions

North Island 

Maori engagement, iwi environmental management  31 December 2025 No

027 204 8997


Mia Morgan Strategic Advisor – Environmental Policy and Planning Maniapoto Māori Trust Board/ Te Nehenehenui Trust Te Kuiti Environmental Policy and Planning, Iwi Māori/ Tikanga/ Te ao Māori  31 December 2025 No Email
Michael Campbell Director Campbell Brown Planning Limited     30 June 2024 No  
Michael Durand Service Leader RMA Planning Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd Nationwide Natural Resources, Water, Land use, Air Pollution, Health, Environmental Toxicology and Health, RMA 31 December 2026 Yes

021 035 2593


Michael Lester         30 June 2023 Yes  
Michael Morris Legal Counsel Invercargill City Council Southland/Otago Planning Law/ Resource Management Act, Resource Consents including Land use and Discharges and Plan Making. 31 December 2023 No  
Michael Parsonson Independent Commissioner Southern Skies Environmental Limited Nationwide District and Regional Planning; Boards of Inquiry; Earthworks; Stormwater; Infrastructure; Subdivisions and Development. 30 June 2024 Yes  
Michael Stewart (Dr) Director/Environmental Chemist Streamlined Environmental Ltd Nationwide Environmental chemistry; Water quality, primarily environmental effects of contaminants (nutrients, metals and emerging organic contaminants) in discharges (wastewater and stormwater); Risk assessments (human and ecological health); Chemical ecology 31 December 2025 No

021 070 4874


Michaela Glaspey Group Manager Regulatory & Planning Kawerau District Council Kawerau   31 December 2025 No  
Michaela Howard Project Manager WSP New Zealand Limited Bay of Plenty, Waikato Resource consents 31 December 2025 No  
Michelle Carmine Director/Principal Planner Element Planning Ltd Waikato/Bay of Plenty Resource Consent Planner and ex LG Team Leader, Plan Weighting, Notification Decisions, Rural and Urban Subdivision and Land Use 30 June 2027 No

022 605 9822


Michelle Grinlinton-Hancock Senior RMA Advisor KiwiRail Holdings Ltd Southern North Island District and Regional Planning, Designations, Subdivisions, Land Development, Transport Infrastructure, Earthworks. 31 December 2024 No  
Michelle Hingston Strategic Māori Relationships Manager   Nationwide Legal, Policy, Co –Governance, Tangata Whenua, Mātauranga Māori, Cultural 31 December 2023 No  Email
Michelle Mehlhopt Senior Associate Wynn Williams Nationwide Legal – resource management, local government, biosecurity. 30 June 2026 No  
Michelle Sands Principal Environmental Scientist Jacobs Nationwide