Download the land use map

The latest version of the LUCAS New Zealand Land Use Map (LUM) is available free for download (registration required) with Creative Commons licensing from the MfE Data Service. It is available in a variety of GIS file formats.

Map description

The LUM includes 12 land-use classes and four maps nominally dated at 1 January 1990, 1 January 2008, 31 December 2012 and 31 December 2016 (known as '1990', '2008', '2012' and ‘2016’).

  • To display the 2016 map, symbolise the LUCNA_2016 field.
  • To display the 2012 map, symbolise the LUCNA_2012 field.
  • To display the 2008 map, symbolise the LUCNA_2008 field.
  • To display the 1990 map, symbolise the LUCNA_1990 field.

Using the map

Land-use maps are produced to keep track of land-use change, especially change in forests. It is strongly recommended that the following publication is referred to when assessing the appropriateness of the LUM for other purposes.


Enquiries about the LUM can be made to the Ministry for the Environment’s Carbon Sequestration team.