Te Waka wind farm proposal

The Te Waka wind farm proposal was declined consent by the Environment Court in February 2009. Find out about the proposal, submission process and related information.

About the proposal

In February 2009, Unison Networks Limited applied for resource consent to build a wind farm near the Te Waka Range in Hawke’s Bay.

Unison’s resource consent application was called in by the Minister for the Environment, Hon Trevor Mallard, in January 2008 and referred to the Environment Court.

The Minister received a total of 45 submissions on Unison’s proposal. In addition 85 submissions were received by the Hastings District Council. Submissions closed on Friday 7 March 2008.

On 20 March 2008, under Section 150AA of the Resource Management Act, Unison's application and the 130 submissions were provided to the Environment Court.

The Environment Court heard and considered the submissions, and in February 2009 made a decision not to grant resource consent for Unison’s Te Waka wind farm proposal.