New Aotearoa New Zealand Waste Strategy

The proposed strategy presents our proposed vision and aspirations for a low-waste Aotearoa, and how we plan to get there. It will guide and direct our collective journey toward a circular economy. 

The strategy sets out course to 2050.

The first stage to 2030 includes proposed priority areas, headline actions, and specific targets to help assess our progress reducing waste and making better use of resources.

New, more comprehensive waste legislation

The Government is also proposing new and more comprehensive legislation on waste to replace the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 and the Litter Act 1979.  

New legislation will create the tools to deliver the waste strategy and ensure we make good use of funds generated by the expanded waste disposal levy. 

It will also reset the purposes, governance arrangements, and roles and responsibilities in legislation. and strengthen and clarify regulatory and enforcement powers.  

Find out more about the proposed strategy and legislation changes

Read the discussion document on the proposals (the consultation closed on 10 December 2021)

Next steps

Proposals for a new waste strategy

  • We will revise the proposals for a new waste strategy in light of the comments we receive, working with our advisory groups and engaging with others as needed. 
  • We aim to present a final waste strategy to Cabinet in the first half of 2022 and release it by mid-2022.
  • More specific actions will be set out in action and investment plans every three years. 

Issues and options for new, more comprehensive waste legislation 

  • We will develop the detail of the waste legislative proposals in light of the comments we receive, working as needed with interested parties. 
  • A bill is expected to be developed and introduced to Parliament later in 2022.