Actions underway in response to the Rethinking plastics report

In 2019, the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor released the report - Rethinking Plastics in Aotearoa New Zealand. Find out what actions the Government is taking in response to the report. 

About the report

In December 2019, the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor released a report - Rethinking Plastics in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The report laid out an aspirational vision for Aotearoa in 2030 whereby New Zealanders are innovative world leaders in reducing plastic use and in limiting the amount of plastic found in our environment.

The report makes 51 specific recommendations. 

Read the report [Office of the Prime Ministers Chief Science Advisor website]

The Government's response

Many of the recommended actions are already underway.

The Government has agreed to take additional actions including the following.

  • Lead the development of a national plastics action plan and develop guidelines to inform the sustainable use of plastic in Government procurement.
  • Improve the depth and accessibility of data on plastics, fill knowledge gaps and encourage innovation.
  • Support action on plastics through education, engagement with sectors, support for innovative business, development of standards and guidelines, and by considering positive incentives for change.
  • Better co-ordinate and leverage international connections and mechanisms to support our plastics agenda.

MfE, with support from other agencies will work with partners and stakeholders to finalise an action plan.

Read the Government’s full response

Cabinet paper and minute: Government Response to the Rethinking Plastics Report