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What the government is doing on Fast-track consenting

The Government has a short-term consenting process to fast-track projects that can boost employment and economic recovery.

Find out if your project is eligible to apply for fast-tracking. Find out about other applications and decisions made.

Receipt of referral applications under the FTCA

Important notice

The FTCA repeals on 8 July 2023. 

It is unlikely that new applications will have sufficient time to progress through the referral process. Before lodging an application please contact us at

How to apply

Status of referral applications and decisions

139 Received*

35 Processing

1 Accepted (referral order pending)

64 Referral orders made

24 Not referred

* Excludes 15 applications that have been withdrawn

Referral orders (in latest schedule order)

Orders in Council referring projects for consideration by an expert consenting panel under Covid-19 (Fast-track Consenting) Act processes

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For the status of referred projects that are awaiting consideration, are under consideration, or have been decided by an expert consenting panel refer to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) website.

Projects not referred to an expert consenting panel for fast-track consenting

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Background information

Documents and reports