Climate finance: Investing in climate change action

Climate finance refers to all investment that contributes to either climate mitigation or adaptation. The International Energy Agency estimates that global climate investments of US$75 trillion will be required by 2050 to have a 50 per cent chance of limiting warming to 2°C. 

MfE commissioned a report to gain a better understanding of the landscape of climate finance in New Zealand.

Read Climate finance landscape for Aotearoa New Zealand: A preliminary survey 

Accelerating funding of projects that can reduce emissions

New Zealand Green Investment Finance (NZGIF) is one of a number of initiatives in New Zealand investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The objective of the independently-operated NZGIF is to accelerate funding of projects that can reduce emissions. The Government has provided NZGIF with a $100m capital injection. As of August 2020, NZGIF has invested more than $15m between two projects.

New Zealand Green Investment Finance website