Tool for setting emissions targets

This tool for setting emissions targets helps Carbon Neutral Government Programme (CNGP) agencies set gross emissions reduction targets in line with a global emissions pathway that limits warming to no more than 1.5°C

Purpose of the tool

The tool for setting emissions targets can be used by CNGP participants to test and demonstrate that their organisation's gross emissions reduction targets are consistent with a 1.5°C pathway.  This is shown in the output worksheets of the tool. The tool has been updated to align with the recently released target setting guidance.

CNGP participants must set gross emissions reduction targets for the financial years 2024-2025 and 2029-2030.

These will be measured against a base year set by the agency and based on the reduction potential of each organisation. 

The target setting tool

Please note this tool may be updated over time so check this webpage to access the most recent version. 

Demonstration of the tool

This demonstration version of the target-setting tool shows how the tool functions and can be used for testing. It has been pre-populated with examples of organisations' greenhouse gas inventory data.

CNGP 101 workshop

This presentation explains the CNGP requirements for setting emission reduction targets and outlines the target-setting tool.

Tutorial video

This video explains how to use the tool.

Tutorial video segments

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 02:51 - Setting up your emissions factors
  • 05:41 - Setting up your activity data
  • 10:46 - Entering your projected changes
  • 16:10 - See your profiles with sparklines
  • 17:27 - Entering one-offs and using '% change'
  • 20:46 - Using the right sign
  • 21:32 - Recording your assumptions
  • 22:53 - Entering metrics for emissions intensity KPI's
  • 25:17 - Actuals
  • 29:10 - Outputs
  • 30:52 - Chart of emissions projection
  • 35:21 - The '1.5 degree requirement line'
  • 38:56 - Other charts
  • 40:45 - Matching your projection to actuals for past years
  • 46:23 - How to set up an averaged data for your base year
  • 51:33 - How to switch activity between different sources
  • 58:23 - Setting up a more complex emissions inventory