Climate Change Chief Executives Board

A new interdepartmental executive board for climate change has been established to provide oversight of the Government’s response to climate change.

About the Climate Change Chief Executives Board

The Climate Change Chief Executives Board (the Board) will focus on New Zealand’s long-term climate change strategy, ensuring Aotearoa stays on track to meet its commitments.

It will monitor and report on the delivery of actions in the emissions reduction plan (ERP) and national adaptation plan (NAP). It will also advise on the overall effectiveness and future direction of the two plans, and ensure domestic emissions budgets are met.  

A key priority of the Board is to provide advice on how to navigate the path towards Aotearoa New Zealand’s long-term climate change goals, responding to challenges and taking opportunities as they arise. It will work with global and domestic experts, and look across the entire system, to accelerate or remove barriers to climate action as needed. 

The Board will engage with businesses with ambitious carbon reduction programmes that intersect with government policy. 

Board members

Board members include:  

  • Vicky Robertson - Te Hēkeretari mō te Taiao - Secretary for the Environment
  • Caralee McLiesh - Te Hēkeretari mō Te Tai Ōhanga - Secretary to the Treasury  
  • Penny Nelson - Te Tumu Whakarae mō Te Papa Atawhai - Director-General of Conservation  
  • Ray Smith - Te Tumu Whakarae mō Manatū Ahu Matua - Director-General of Primary Industries  
  • Carolyn Tremain - Te Hēkeretari mō Hīkina Whakatutuki - Secretary for Business, Innovation and Employment  
  • Bryn Gandy - Te Hēkeretari mō Te Manatū Waka - Acting Secretary for Transport 

Secretary for the Environment, Vicky Robertson, is Chairperson of the Board.

Aaron Martin, Deputy Solicitor-General, has been appointed as an independent adviser to help the Board manage the legal risks associated with the climate change work programme. 

Members of the Board will be jointly responsible to the Prime Minister and will also advise the Climate Response Ministers Group. 

Board operating procedures

The Board is supported by a Secretariat. The Secretariat is hosted by the Ministry for the Environment and is made up of member agency staff and permanent staff.  Lisa Daniell is the Executive Director for the Board Secretariat. 

About an interdepartmental executive board

An interdepartmental executive board is a board of public service chief executives. It is a new model of public service agency, designed to draw together chief executives to deal with complex issues that have impacts and policy levers that sit across a wide range of portfolio areas. These complex issues cannot be solved by one single agency.