This report explores how and why our climate and atmosphere are changing, and considers the current and future effects of our changing climate on the things we care about.

The report is produced jointly by the Ministry for the Environment and Stats NZ.

This three-yearly update about the state of Aotearoa New Zealand’s atmosphere and climate provides further evidence that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are putting pressure on our climate.

This is adversely impacting the environment, communities, Māori interests, infrastructure and the economy. It is impacting the presence and timing of ngā tohu o te taiao (environmental indicators) which requires our knowledge to adapt more rapidly. It also has consequences for biodiversity and ecosystems, which have the potential to help protect communities against the worst effects of climate change. 

Alongside the report, the Ministry has also used the digital storytelling platform ArcGIS StoryMaps to look at the impacts our changing climate is having on the plants and animals that call Aotearoa New Zealand home. 

Four stories, which include, photos, maps, videos, graphics and interactive features, show how climate change is causing: 

  • our glaciers to disappear and our snowlines to retreat, impacting biodiversity
  • trees in our forests to produce more seeds, increasing the number of pests that predate on birds
  • our oceans to warm, rise and become more acidic, which is impacting marine species
  • stronger cyclones, hotter heatwaves and more frequent droughts and wildfires that result in losses and damage to nature and people. 

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