Our air 2021 presents the latest data on the state of New Zealand’s air quality.

Our air 2021 is the latest in a series of environmental reports produced by the Ministry for the Environment and Stats NZ.

Environmental indicators and datasets

Access the indicators for Our air 2021 on the Stats NZ website.

Access the datasets from Our air 2021 on the MfE Data Service.


Correction: 6 June 2023

We have corrected content and five figures throughout the report which cite trend data from Stats NZ air indicators. We have also corrected rounding errors for content relating to PM10 state. In October 2022, Stats NZ updated the trend methodology for the following air indicators: Carbon monoxide concentrations, Ground-level ozone concentrations, Sulphur dioxide concentrations, Nitrogen dioxide concentrations, PM₁₀ concentrations,  and PM₂.₅ concentrations. Therefore, we are updating the related data in this report to ensure consistency with those indicators.

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