kerbside recycling bins

Kerbside recycling now the same nationwide

From 1 February what New Zealanders can put into their household recycling bins is the same across most of the country.    

Read about the changes to standardise household recycling     

Items that can be recycled from household kerbside recycling bins are:    

  • plastic bottles and containers marked with recycling symbols 1, 2 or 5   
  • glass bottles and jars   
  • paper and cardboard (including pizza boxes)  
  • food tins  
  • drink cans.  

Standardised kerbside recycling is expected to divert an extra 36,000 tonnes of recycling from landfill each year — that’s almost 30kg per household. It will also help us generate more value from recyclable materials. 

A large amount of landfill waste comes from people putting items into the wrong bins. When this happens recyclables such as high-quality plastics become contaminated and end up at the tip.

Right now, around 16 per cent of items put out for recycling nationwide don’t belong in the recycling bin.     

On the other hand 13 per cent of household ‘waste’ would be recycled if it was put in the recycling bin instead of the rubbish bin.    

By simplifying and standardising what can be recycled, it is easier for people to put items in the right bin no matter where they are in Aotearoa New Zealand.  

The move will also provide greater clarity for businesses and brands around what can be recycled from home. This helps them produce packaging more likely to be recycled.

The changes will help recycling facilities in Aotearoa New Zealand by improving the quality of the materials they receive, so that more can be recycled into new products.    

For more information on recycling services in your area visit your local council’s website.