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Recycle right at kerbside

From 1 February what can go into council kerbside recycling is the same across Aotearoa New Zealand. This makes it easier for us to recycle right. Find out what you can and can't put in.

Only put these things in your recycle bins

Food and drink tins and cans

Glass bottles and jars

Paper and cardboard

Plastic bottles, trays and containers that are numbered 1, 2 and 5
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What you need to know when recycling at kerbside

Why it's important

Standardising recycling will help us divert an extra 36,000 tonnes of waste from landfill each year — that’s almost 30kg per household.

It also makes it easier for all of us, including businesses, to choose packaging which is recyclable.
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Standardising food scraps and garden waste collections

Some councils also collect food scraps and garden waste. These can be turned into biogas, and compost and other products that improve our soil.

We have also standardised what can be put in these collections.
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What you need to know when recycling at kerbside