Download waste data

On this page you can use the Ministry's app to download our waste reporting data and documentation.

About the waste data downloader app

This app provides access to the data that we use for the National Waste Data Reporting Programme.

The tables contain the most current data. We update the data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on when it is available.

If you have questions about the app, email the National Waste Data Reporting team:

Using the downloader

Preview the data

  • Click the preview button to check the data before downloading. 
  • A new panel will open with a table viewer and metadata documentation.

Download the data

  • Tick the boxes next to the data tables you are interested in.
  • Click download selection.
  • A zipped file will be downloaded, which includes the selected data and metadata.

Use and limitations of the data

  • Please review the 2.3 use and limitations section in the metadata documents for each table.
  • Each table may have specific conditions and limits for use, due to the variety of data and sources.

Waste data downloader app

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