Attributes we are seeking

Acting with integrity, being objective and ethical underpins all the work we do as public servants.

We are looking for people who:

  • are naturally curious
  • understand that success is achieved through working with others in a way that builds great teams
  • are energised by learning and sharing knowledge
  • have a focus on results and learning from both your failures and achievements
  • have an affinity with design thinking
  • are passionate about gaining more skills and helping others do the same
  • have a problem-solving approach
  • are energised by challenges.

Skills we value

Science communication skills

The ability to communicate scientific concepts to others in a way that is meaningful to them without compromising the accuracy of scientific concepts or findings.

Ability to apply te ao Māori perspectives 

The ability to apply Māori worldviews in a way that makes a meaningful difference to policy advice, partnerships and relationships with others. 

Communication and relationship building

With a specific emphasis on engaging with people outside central government, from different backgrounds, and with different interests, priorities and ideas.

Great interactions with the public and stakeholders outside MfE will:

  • inform policy advice 
  • identify opportunities for partnerships and support action by others
  • support implementation of government policies – ensuring the underlying intent of policies is understood and translates into action.

Learning agility 

This involves looking for different ways of achieving environmental outcomes or cracking complex problems. It requires a workforce that brings different skills – and is willing to learn new ways of doing things.

Key roles at MfE

Kaitātari Kaupapa - Policy Analyst

Our Policy Analysts support the delivery of the Ministry’s and Government’s objectives through contributing to the development of high-quality, innovative, evidence-based interventions across a variety of areas.

  • You’ll be exposed to a range of policy issues as you apply your transferable skills across projects and subject areas. You may start with routine policy support and research tasks as part of a broader work programme, and progress to taking responsibility for policy tasks of medium complexity.
  • Depending on your skill level and experience, your work may be stand-alone or part of larger or more complex policy issues led by senior policy analysts or principal analysts.

Kaitātari - Analyst

This could be a great role for you to commence your career in the Ministry. 

  • Analysts operate within the context of defined policy development or policy implementation programmes, and work in close collaboration with colleagues across the Ministry.
  • Focus areas may include undertaking research and data analysis, contributing to the drafting of advice, regulations, guidelines and/or ministerial correspondence, participating in or leading projects, and/or contributing to the administration of statutory obligations and commitments.

Kaitātari Kaupapa Here Matua - Senior Policy Analyst

Senior Policy Analysts support the delivery of the Ministry’s and Government’s objectives by leading the development of high-quality, innovative, evidence-based policy interactions and policy frameworks in new, contentious, sensitive or complex areas or issues. This includes to prepare, oversee or peer review the drafting of high-quality policy advice that aligns with the Ministry’s strategic priorities and quality standards, and conforms to Ministry’s ministerial, Cabinet Office and consultation requirements. 

  • You will be expected to identify as a policy practitioner, first and foremost, and will apply your core skills to a wide range of policy issues.
  • You will also contribute to the policy professionalism of the Ministry by supporting the development of less-experienced colleagues through mentoring, coaching and effective leadership of policy development.

Kaitātari Matua - Senior Analyst

Senior Analysts operate within the context of defined policy development or policy delivery programmes, working in collaboration with internal and external working parties.

  • You will often lead projects, contribute to the administration of statutory obligations and reporting commitments, and provide advice (including peer review) to management, colleagues, other government agencies, Māori interest groups, sector partners and the wider public, within the context of the assigned area.
  • As a Senior Analyst within the Ministry, you will also act as a mentor, coach and guide to less-experienced colleagues, to support their professional development and understanding of the New Zealand system of government.

Other roles

We also have roles for people who are future-focused and customer-oriented in a range of disciplines including:

  • legal
  • procurement
  • communications
  • ministerial services
  • people and capability
  • finance
  • information technology.

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