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Mahi mō te Taiao Jobs for Nature

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About the programme

Jobs for Nature is a $1.219 billion programme that manages funding across multiple government agencies to benefit the environment, people and the regions. It is part of the COVID-19 recovery package. The programme is intended to run for four years.

The agencies administering the funding are Ministry for the Environment, Department of Conservation, Ministry for Primary Industries, Land Information New Zealand and Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. 

Data on this page has been updated as at 31 December 2022.

Jobs for Nature is a $1.219 billion dollar government investment in Aotearoa’s economy and te taiao, our natural environment, to support our recovery from COVID-19.

More about Jobs for Nature

Progress on allocated funding

459 Projects approved

$ 1,171 M Funding approved

$ 1,052 M Funding contracted

Projects approved means a project has been approved for funding. This number includes projects in contract and completed.

Funding approved means an application submitted to one of the five Jobs for Nature agencies progressed to the contracting phase.

Funding contracted means a funding recipient and a Jobs for Nature agency entered a formal and legally binding agreement for the recipient to deliver their project.

Number of projects that support different environmental objectives

250 Weed and pest projects

302 Capability development projects

221 Freshwater projects

236 Restoration projects

Projects can be undertaking work on more than one environmental objective. For example a project could involve freshwater and plant pest control. Find out more about reporting on progress here.

Progress on Creating jobs

People employed

This is the number of employees who are, or have been working in a Jobs for Nature funded project. This includes all employment types; full time, part time, fixed term and contractors. This number will continue to grow over the life of the programme.

People currently employed

This is a snapshot of the number of people currently employed across Jobs for Nature funded projects at the end of each reporting period. This number will fluctuate over the life of the programme.

Hours worked

This is the total number of hours worked across all Jobs for Nature funded projects. This number will continue to grow over the life of the programme.

Environmental benefits achieved

443,112 ha Land under plant pest control

2,318,520 ha Land under animal pest control*

1,575,939 ha Of wilding conifer control*

1,099,419 ha Land where wallabies have been controlled*

2,065 People in formal training

877 People completed formal training

11,965 ha Freshwater under restoration, including riparian and wetlands

6,570 km Length of fencing constructed

313 Number of fish passages remediated

8,223 ha Land under restoration, excluding freshwater areas

7,511,115 Total plants planted

3,975 km Length of tracks maintained

*The same area may be reported multiple times as repeat control is needed

Please note, more environmental benefits will be included as they are reported on

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Jobs for Nature has funded environmental projects to benefit the environment and people across New Zealand.

View all project and regional summaries on an interactive map.

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