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National groundwater quality indicators update: State and trends 1995-2008

This report provides an update of results for indicators of groundwater quality in New Zealand. It summarises average water quality at almost 1000 monitoring sites over the period 1995-2008, as well as trends at the same sites within that period of time. 

The report is an update of an earlier publication, making use of an additional two years of data collected by regional councils. The report was commissioned by Ministry for the Environment and written by Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd.

Data and information summarised in the report is provided in the following spreadsheets. Note that this data and information was collated for the purposes of national state of environment reporting only. The accuracy of the data is subject to the limitations and constraints described in the main report.

Note: Water quality results in the report are compared with New Zealand Drinking Water Standards for context but should not be interpreted as an assessment of drinking water quality in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health is the authoritative source of information on drinking water quality in New Zealand and provides periodic reviews and results on their website.