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Contaminated land management guidelines No. 2: Hierarchy and application in New Zealand of environmental guideline values (revised 2011)

This guideline has been developed through a partnership between the Ministry of the Environment, and regional councils and unitary authorities to ensure the consistent selection and application of the environmental guideline values most commonly used in contaminated site assessments in New Zealand. The principles and basis for a hierarchy of environmental guideline values as contained in reference documents is described and the hierarchy established. This hierarchy determines the order in which guideline values contained in those reference documents should be used in a contaminated site assessment. It will be of use to environmental consultants and landowners undertaking contaminated site investigations, and to council staff involved in reviewing contaminated site assessment reports.

Changes from the 2003 version

This guideline had minor updates in October 2011 including:

If you need a copy of the previous guidelines for historical or research purposes please email RMQueries@mfe.govt.nz.

Environmental Guideline Value database

An Environmental Guideline Value (EGV) database, which contains the guideline values discussed in the guideline document, has been developed as a companion to this guideline.

For more information on the NES, visit the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health web page.

Supporting Documents