New MfE partnership to help Aotearoa New Zealand transition to a circular economy

We can achieve more by working with others. We are proud to partner with Circularity – a circular strategy and design agency to deliver a circular economy design programme called XLabs.  

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The XLabs brings together a creative collision of businesses, industries and experts to co-create the future to be circular. A creating space that guides businesses from a problem to solve to a circular solution through a circular design sprint.

With MfE’s support, Circularity will scale up their circular economy design programme XLabs for use by businesses nationwide. This will include introducing an online learning program to help businesses accelerate their shift to circular and facilitate the creation of circular solutions across a wide range of industries. We are working with Circularity on the design of the programme to achieve maximum impact.

The circular economy designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use and regenerates natural systems. Transition to a circular economy requires fundamental redesign of existing systems, innovation and incorporation of new technology and smart materials.

The circular economy design programme, XLabs, addresses the need to raise awareness and build capability in the circular economy so businesses can address climate change and their environmental impacts. This programme is estimated to unlock up to $6 - 8 billion for the Tāmaki Makaurau economy and reduce emissions by 2030.

About XLabs

XLabs was designed by Circularity in partnership with Auckland Unlimited in 2020. Programme participants included 17 businesses across a wide range of industries including Bobux, Auckland Transport, Polymer Engineering, Fletcher Building, HEB Construction, Dempsey Wood, Centrality, Balle Bros, The ReCreators, EV Maritime and The Warehouse Group. The programme included proven methods, workshops, resources, speaking events from experts across science, technology and circular thinking, video case studies and 1:1 coaching to support their shift from linear to circular ways of operating.

Listen to this podcast to find out more about the work of Circularity

Find out more about the circular solutions created in 2020 on XLabs website