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Exposure draft for National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity released

We are seeking feedback on the workability of the exposure draft of the National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPSIB). 

We are particularly interested in hearing from practitioners, iwi/Māori, stakeholders and others highly familiar with the NPSIB. What we need to know now is will the way the NPSIB has been drafted work on the ground. 

Our native trees, plants, birds, animals and the places they inhabit are part of who we are as New Zealanders. However, some of our native plants and animals will disappear completely if we do not work together to restore their declining habitats and ecosystems.

An NPSIB will help to protect, maintain and restore our unique environment. It is an essential part of our response to biodiversity decline in Aotearoa.

All the work we do to create a flourishing environment is closely intertwined. What we do in one space impacts another.

The work we do to protect and enhance indigenous biodiversity will help build our resilience to changes in climate. Thriving biodiversity can increase resilience and indigenous forests are important carbon sinks that help keep our planet from heating.

Consultation on the exposure draft of the NPSIB closes at 11.59 pm on Thursday 21 July 2022. The exposure draft reflects changes made following public consultation and hui in 2019 and 2020 on the proposed NPSIB.