Grader in rubbish tip

A new online tool to report waste facilities compliance

We’re launching a new online reporting tool, so anyone can report an alleged breach of the Waste Minimisation Act (WMA) 2008 and its associated regulations.

Our Alleged Breach Notification (ABN) tool is easy to use and takes less than a couple of minutes to submit a report.

We want to ensure that operators and facilities are reporting the waste they accept and paying the waste levy. Proper reporting encourages reuse and recycling where possible and helps to recognise the real costs of waste.

Everyone has a role to play in protecting our environment. The new tool will also assist the Ministry with connecting to landfills or facilities so we can inform them of their obligations under the WMA.

Reporting a breach

Your report will be assessed by our Waste Operations – Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement team. If we are provided with sufficient information, we will:

  • apply a risk-based assessment to the reports to determine how to respond appropriately.
  • give priority to situations with:
    • potential serious harm
    • patterns of similar incidents that may suggest ongoing or broader issues
  • employ a suite of tools to address the reports. These tools may include one, or a combination of:
    • monitoring and auditing programs
    • education and information campaigns
    • incident management
    • investigations and enforcement