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Where to get advice about RMA applications and submissions

This page provides information and links to resources that can help you if you are putting together an application for resource consent or making a submission on an application or council planning document.

Advice on specific topics

There are a range of professional experts that can give you advice and information on specific or technical topics.

These include:

  • noise engineer
  • engineer - structures, earthworks, etc
  • ecologist
  • hydrologist
  • economist
  • social scientist
  • landscape architect
  • surveyor
  • traffic engineer
  • archaeologist/ heritage expert
  • cultural impact assessor.

Advice on resource management planning

You can engage a resource management planning professional or planning consultant to help you identify issues and effects that need to be considered when putting together an application for resource consent or submission on an application or regional or district planning document.

Resource management professionals or planning consultants can also carry out an assessment of the environmental effects of a proposal at a broad level and are often used to bring expert advice from a number of professional experts together in an application or a submission.

Other specialist advice

The amount of information you need to include in your application or submission will depend on how significant the environmental effects of the proposal will be. Depending on the scale of the effects of the activity, you may wish to get help from an expert to prepare your application or submission.

Applications for larger and more complex proposals are likely to require, and benefit from, the input of professional advisers. Involving them early can save you time and cost later in the process.

Professional websites

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