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About the list of authorised wood burners

About the wood burners list and when to use it

Purpose of the list

The list of authorised wood burners is to help purchasers and building consent officers find compliant models.

It includes pellet burners that have been tested and found to have levels of emissions and efficiency that would meet the wood burner standards in the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality.

Use of the list

The Ministry does not accept any liability arising from use of the list and will not pay compensation to anyone relying on this list in the event a wood burner is found to be non-complying and has to be removed. The Ministry encourages retailers to make purchasers aware of these caveats.

We strive to keep the list updated but please note that the list may not necessarily be complete and we may be in the process of including newly authorised models.

Further information

If you would like to be notified of updates to the authorised list, or have any queries regarding wood burners that have not been answered by the information provided below, please email infoatmfe@mfe.govt.nz.

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