Ahuriri River water conservation order

About the making of the National Water Conservation (Ahuriri River) Order 1990 and related documents.

Ahuriri River water conservation order [New Zealand Legislation website]


Key milestones

  • On 31 January 1983, the Minister of Internal Affairs and three other organisations applied for a water conservation order in respect of the waters of the Ahuriri catchment to the head of Lake Benmore. The organisations were the:
    • Waitaki Valley Acclimatisation Society
    • Council of South Island Acclimatisation Societies
    • National Executive of Acclimatisation Societies.
  • The application was made to the Minister of Works and Development under the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967.
  • The applications were publicly notified by the National Water and Soil Conservation Authority on 16 June 1983.
  • A hearing was held from 20 to 23 September and 4 to 6 October 1983.
  • The authority’s committee published its report and recommendation in February 1984. It recommended that an Order be made.
  • Submissions were made to the Planning Tribunal.
  • The hearing began but was adjourned to await the resolution of proceedings related to the Rakaia River Water Conservation Order.
  • On 22 August 1989, the Planning Tribunal resumed its hearing which concluded on 24 August 1989.
  • It reported on 30 April 1990 recommending that a national water conservation order be made.
  • The National Water Conservation (Ahuriri River) Order 1990 was approved on 2 July 1990.