Natural and Built Environment Act 2023

This Act was one of two laws that created a new resource management system to be phased in over about the next 10 years. The Natural and Built Environment Act (NBA) was repealed on 24 December 2023.


Full text

Natural and Built Environment Act 2023 [New Zealand Legislation website]

In force

23 August 2023 – 24 December 2023.

What it does

The Natural and Built Environment Act (NBA) is the main replacement for the Resource Management Act 1991.

It requires each region to develop a natural and built environment plan for land use and environmental management. These will replace the regional policy statements and district and regional plans currently required under the RMA.

It also introduces the National Planning Framework (NPF) that will provide direction on matters of national significance, environmental limits and targets, as well as identifying and resolving conflict among outcomes if possible.

It works alongside the Spatial Planning Act, which creates a new requirement for long-term regional spatial planning.

A third piece of resource management reform legislation, the Climate Adaptation Bill, will be introduced to Parliament later.