How to dispose of used masks and gloves safely

You need to dispose of used masks and gloves safely. This will help contain the community spread of COVID-19. It also helps protect rubbish and recycling workers. 

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How to dispose of single use masks and gloves safely

It is important to dispose of used masks carefully as they have the potential to spread COVID-19.

  • Place used face masks and gloves in rubbish bins for safe disposal at landfills.
  • Do not dispose of used face masks and gloves or any other personal protective equipment in household or public recycling bins.  

What you need to do if you have a reusable mask

  • Wash your reusable masks/face coverings regularly to ensure they are clean and sanitary.

Reusable masks are a great way to reduce your waste. You can buy one or make your own — you can find how-to videos on YouTube.