Proposed changes

The Government is proposing changes to the low slope map including:

  • using a new mapping approach, ‘local terrain averaging’, on land with an average slope of up to 5 degrees
  • the introduction of a 500 metre altitude threshold
  • using freshwater farm plans in areas outside the map, with a presumption that stock will need to be excluded from access to waterways on land with an average slope between 5 and 10 degrees.

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The consultation closed at 5pm on Thursday 7 October.

Reason for the proposed changes

The current low slope map incorporated into the stock exclusion regulations averages slope over large areas. 

This has contributed to concerns that it: 

  • includes some steep land 
  • fails to accurately capture some low slope land 
  • unintentionally captures high country extensive pastoral farming.  

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Resource Management (Stock Exclusion) Regulations 2020

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