Source: Bingham & Graham, 2006.


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This schematic displays the key elements of the Action Plan in which the 2 two principal outputs to be reported under the convention are: NZ Source Inventory and Release Estimates, 2010 (the “inventory”); and a 5-yearly review of strategies, 2010.

Resource documents are identified (see 1st paragraph under Article 5(a)(i) immediately after this figure).


To develop and compile the inventory, each source category (as identified by the UNEP toolkit) follows a planned sequence:

  1. a desktop assessment in which activity data and emission factor are reviewed, and future work is planned and reported on
  2. a stakeholder team is established
  3. additional source information is taken into account, including data from commissioned studies, in the review of NZ and international emission factors
  4. the current level of emissions are calculated; and
  5. the future level of emissions are estimated that take into account relevant BAT/BEP information, compliance with BAT/BEP, and the emission reduction actions recommended
  6. the text for the inventory is finalised

A covering report on the 5-yearly review of relevant laws and policies in meeting release reduction obligations is also prepared.



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