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Figure 4.7 Summary of the relative magnitudes of long period sea level fluctuations (excluding storm-driven fluctuations and global warming effects)

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The sea level fluctuations associated with the seasons, ENSO and the IPO as well as their combined effect are schematically represented by vertical bars. These four bars are plotted beside each other and they share a common zero line, which bisects each bar in the middle. The height of each bar, on both the positive and negative site, indicates the relative magnitude of the sea level fluctuation. The factors that combine to increase sea level are: the summer season, with an average value of 4mm but with a maximum of 8mm, the La Niña phase of ENSO at 12 mm, and the negative phase of the IPO with 5mm. The factors that combine to decrease sea level are: the winter season, El Niño and the positive phase of the IPO, all with the same magnitude as their counterparts. The bar representing the total fluctuations therefore ranges from -25mm to +0.25mm.

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